Saturday, February 9, 2019

Ladies Lunch at Agatha

Today we were off to the Golden Zone for lunch.  Agatha does not open until 1pm so the ladies decided to leave at the regular 11:30 time and use the extra time to “ shop!”  I left on my own so I could meet up with my sister in law Linda and it didn’t take long before we all bumped into each other. 

Here we are at Agatha which is on Las Gaviotas in the Golden Zone.

Hard to get a good picture when it is so bright behind…that’s Linda with a cold one and Pat, Robyn, Eddie and Ruth at another table.

I told you they went shopping!

One page of the menu.  An upscale menu with lots of choices.

Everyone relaxing and chatting with a drink while we wait for food.

That’s Sue chatting to Linda.  It wasn’t very busy but it was early in the day and they had just opened.  

Sorry Ruth I caught you with your mouth full!  They are eating small slices of bread that came with a small bowl of tapenade.  Chopped black olives, capers and garlic in olive oil.  Delicious.

The food arriving.  You can see clam chowder, spicy tuna tostadas and crab cakes.

Robyn ordered the crab cakes and tuna tostadas as part of a shared meal.

Pat’s clam chowder and yam fries.

This is my lunch….tuna a la planche with tempura vegetables.  The tuna was the best that I have ever eaten and….I order it a lot!  The vegetables inside the tempura were crunchy and delicious.  A real winner and I did share bites of the tuna.

Bad picture in the light but that is Sue’s unagi roll with breaded shrimp, jalapeno peppers and BBQ eel. 

Eight separate pieces and again delicious.  Sue also ordered the crab cakes which she shared bites of and they were spicy and very tasty.  I am not fond of eel but the unagi roll was also very good and….I liked the eel in it.
We were  a small group of ladies today (7) and we had just the nicest time.  The weather was cool and breezy on the outside area where we were seated, the music was playing softly, the food was outstanding and the service exemplary.  We all walked out after lunch feeling, relaxed, full and thoroughly happy having eaten a delicious lunch. 
I should have taken more pictures as it is a lovely restaurant that will accommodate large groups of people.  We all thanked the staff for a very pleasant experience and said we’d be back. 

A real winner and a good choice any day of the week if you want top quality food and service at a reasonable (for what you get) price. 

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