Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Boomer’s Birthday and Chile Cook Off Meeting.

Wednesday February 13, 2013

Another eating event and it was a good one! 

A couple of weeks ago Betty invited us to a birthday celebration for her husband Boomer on Feb. 13th.  His birthday is on Valentine’s day but we thought we had bingo that night so ….the 13th it was. 

I headed downtown that morning for a haircut and a pedicure at Gaby’s in the Golden Zone so that took care of my morning.  A full pedicure by Rosie’s (shop owner) daughter Gaby and a haircut by Rosie and total cost including a generous tip ….about $25.   No wonder we save money when we are in Mexico.  Same thing at home….at least $100. 

Before the evening soiree we also had a Chile Cook off meeting in the Palapa.  We are set to have our annual Chile Cook off on Saturday Feb. 23rd and we had a few things to iron out and also get our numbers so we’d know where we are to be on that day.  This is the parks fourth year with this event and it is a fund raiser for the Hogar Para Nino’s Orphanage. 

See post Dec. 21, 2011 for pictures of the orphanage and the children.  P1010869

This is Val with some of the children.  Pretty cute eh!

It is a small orphanage that looks after the children in their care and also feeds any neighborhood children who are hungry.  A very worth cause. 

As with all events there are always differences of opinion on how it should be run.  In the end the majority rules.  This year there will be a live band, a beer garden, Tequila shots and a raffle along with the Chile Cook off competition.  People attending the event pay a modest 30 peso’s to taste the Chile’s and vote on their favorite. 

Now for the dinner. 

Betty had been cooking since the day before for the 23 people she had invited for dinner and we were all ready to eat.  The rest of us contributed to the dinner and I brought a marinated beet, onion and orange salad.


That’s the birthday boy right there.  Happy Birthday Boomer.


In my Carnaval Blog that I just posted you will see some of these people in their wigs….this is where those pictures came from. 



Manny and Eric.


Eating again!  Betty had turkey and pork roast and…..and….and…you get the picture, all delicious!


Getting ready to cut the cake.


This is a Mexican interpretation of the Winnipeg Jets Logo….Boomer is a big sports fan!  A really good cake…not too sweet.


Happy Birthday Boomer and another nice evening.

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