Thursday, December 27, 2012

Marion’s Feliz Compleanos.

Dec. 27, 2012

Over the past few years on Dec. 27th the park has been treated to a birthday party hosted by Fred and Marion for her birthday and this year was no exception.  How nice is that! 


Fred and Marion our very generous and gracious hosts!

This year instead of pizza we got quite a treat.  Only two days after a big Christmas feast Marion and her friend Wendy managed to make enough salads and sneakily hide them in peoples fridges (under false pretenses I might add ) to feed the whole park.  What a pair of gals!  Fred bought some local barbecued chicken as the entree along with some excellent refried beans and dinner was served. 


P1030283This is the meal to come.  Doesn’t that look      delicious.  It was. 

We had all gathered at 4:30 for happy hour and by just after five we were all eating again.  A huge success and a lot of fun. 


The crowd.  That’s our rig in the background and you are looking toward the front of the park.




Ursula and Max from Germany.  Every winter they fly to Canada and travel Mexico (in their own rig)  with their friends Gunter and Regina from Westbank, B.C. 


Laurie, Blake, Marilyn and Dennis.



Judy and Helene.


Time to eat …..again!   New Years resolutions anyone?

Following the delicious meal we were served birthday cake.  What a spoiled bunch we are! 





                        Cutting the cake. 

See that beautiful plant on the table well….Marion is also the queen of bargain shopping for plants.  Her patio looks like a plant nursery!  When I went to Home Depot to buy plants all the bargains were gone!  I wonder who got them all?


Full moon, it’s dark and the party is over!

Thanks Fred and Marion for another successful Feliz Compleanos!

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