Sunday, December 16, 2012

Left Yuma and now in Why, AZ ready to head to Mexico in the morning.

Sunday, Dec. 16, 2012

I arrived back in Yuma on Friday night at 7:30 pm right on time.   It was a long day that started in Kelowna with a snowy drive to the airport by brother in law Ian at 6:45 am and an 8:20 flight to Vancouver that turned out to be 45 minutes late.  That of course meant I landed in Vancouver when I should be boarding my next flight to LA.   The young women who was sitting next to me on the flight to Vancouver turned out to be living in Kelowna but was from Terrace, B.C. our  home town and was on her way home for Christmas.  She is working at a job doing theraputic horse riding and knows lots of horse people that I know at home.  I asked her name Amy P. and it also turned out she had orthodontics done at my office when I was working….small world.   When we landed in Vancouver I  hustled my butt and back pack from the far end of the airport at domestic arrivals to the absolutely other  end of the airport to international departures as fast as I could and actually made the flight to Los Angeles.  The flight to LA was good with a movie available in one of those little screens on the back of the seat in front of you.  The arrival in the LA airport (which I have never passed through) was very confusing.  All terminals (7) are in different buildings so it took some time to figure out what building I should go to and how to get there.  I finally made it to Terminal 7 and found a restaurant (Wolfgang Puck) to eat.  Good food at a good price.  Luckily I had a long layover (3hrs) so no rush. 

Saturday back in Yuma was a busy day with laundry, shopping and the most important thing …Mexican insurance.  I do our Mexican vehicle insurance on line and had saved our  quotes from last years policies so it was not a long drawn out process.  Printed what we needed and saved a copy to the computer.  Done. 

Today we left Yuma just before 11am and hit the road for Why, Arizona and the Hickiwaan, RV park.  A nice relaxing drive and we were set up and parked by 3pm. 

I nice happy hour in the sun in the peace and quiet.  I nice change after the hustle and bustle, planes, trains and automobiles of Yuma. 

Tomorrow we will leave for Mexico and Edgar and Anna’s RV park in Santa Ana.  We have our tourist visas, Mexican insurance and our import documents so it should be a short day.

We are super dee duper happy to be hitting the road. 

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