Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve Day 2012 in Mazatlan.

Dec. 24, 2012

Well it’s time to update this blog and let you all know what’s been going on. 

First things first.  The drive from Guaymas to Los Mochis was as bumpy and bad as usual and added to that were 8 million raging Mexican, Californians, loaded to the gunnels with every manner of crap tied to their vehicles going 8 million miles an hour.  They are overtired and dangerous at this time of the year….even more than usual. 

We over nighted at the gated Pemex just south of Los Mochis and although it’s slightly dusty and noisy it is a great and safe place to stop.  A good dinner in the restaurant, pescado empanizado (breaded fish) which was excellent and then to bed.  A couple of other rigs pulled in around five pm but we were too tired to be social and so were they.  Turned out to be Rick and Judy (with their dog Sadi) and Steve and Linda (all Canadians) and they are all now parked in Las Jaibas.

We left Los Mochis around 8am and once we got past Guasave the traffic thinned out a little.  The highway is wider and there is actually a shoulder so not as bad for the driver.  We got confused as we entered Culiacan as they have created a bypass and the signs say Mazatlan Cuota  or Culican Cuota and there is no mention of the free road.   Eric was sure we should to Culiacan but in the end we took the Mazatlan turn and then we were sunk.  We paid the first toll and Eric asked could we get to the free road from the Cuota but the toll both operator said no.  They now have you trapped.  Eric wanted to take the free road as it is actually in better shape than the toll road.  Oh well.  In a very short distance the traffic started to back up where they are constructing a new Artsy Fartsy toll booth and they had only one temporary lane open to handle all the traffic so it was just a big mess.   We were backed up and waiting for about 45 minutes to get through.   Just brutal. 

The rest of the trip on to Mazatlan on the Cuota was not as bad as last year as they have repaved a large part of it.  We stopped for lunch at the kilometer 42 rest stop and were into Mazatlan by 2:30. 

All I can say is that it’s a shitty drive, on shitty roads and for that you get to pay a lot money.  Just shitty!   Sorry but I can’t think of another word that better describes it!

We were greeted by our friends here in Las Jaibas as we rolled in and we are happy to be parked and not moving.  

The afternoon was spent doing the initial rig set up and the rest was left for the next day.  The weather here is quite humid and warm for this time of the year and I guess it has been even warmer and more humid before we arrived. 

Since we were here last year Felipe the park owner has put in a small swimming pool at the front of the park and it really quite a nice addition.  This is now were the park meets for happy hour every day and we joined in.  I’ll post pictures of the pool on another blog. 

Frank and Sandi very graciously prepared dinner for us and it was a treat not to have to cook as we were both so tired.  We had a nice quiet dinner and caught up on their news and were home and in bed by 9pm for Eric and 10pm for me. 

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