Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Took a ride to Kingman, Az. today

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Have I mentioned that the weather has been beautiful since we arrived here in Laughlin, Nevada.   Sunny and warm with hardly any wind which is unusual for here.  Bueno!  This means that we have been able to do some nice riding and it has been very pleasant.  Yesterday we took a ride into Bullhead City and up over the parkway to look at a few RV parks and subdivisions.  The prices here are cheap and you could buy a nice new two bedroom home in a gated community for around $100 thousand…not that we would….but…’s fun to look. 

We ended up out at the mall for a look around Target as we’d found good folding chairs in another Target store in Yuma.  This is a new store and I must say it reminded me of the Stepford Wives movie where everything is the same color and exactly the same everything else….very pink….kind of creepy.  No chairs but we did find a cell phone case. 

On to the Smith’s grocery store for a bit of food and that didn’t thrill me when I ran into a couple of people with their dogs in their cart in the store.  What is with that!  I blame the store for not doing something about that.  Would you want to have your groceries in a cart that two dogs were in….I don’t think so.  No they were not service dogs….they were mutts! 

Today we road up to Kingman and took the round about way through the historic town of Oatman.  Like last year we didn’t stop as it really isn’t anything that interests us.  We really aren’t very touristy people.  However we do enjoy the Mexican towns, churches and people so maybe we just like different touristy things. 

We had lunch at the In & Out Burger in Kingman and it’s good bang for your buck.  Two cheese burgers, two fries and two drinks for $11. and it’s fresh and good.  It was super busy but the service was fast.

We spent a little time at the Mother Road Harley dealer in Kingman but I didn’t get anything but an ear warmer!  I have a bit of Harley gear and don’t really want to pay an over inflated price for something with Harley plastered all over it!  I am not a walking billboard either.  Eric picked up a new right front brake rotor to replace the one that was damaged when he had the front tire changed in Mazatlan.  Tire change $3 ….new rotor $114.00…..not a cheap tire change ….$117! 

I should also mention that Eric did get his brake pads and battery from Jake Wilson and it did come quickly.  Not quite as good an order though since the packing box said this side up but the battery was in that box UPSIDE DOWN!  Luckily it is a sealed battery so it didn’t leak.  Also there were no battery cable bolt included with it.  Perhaps someone else has them.

Meanwhile back in the park it is Thanksgiving weekend and it has busied up.  Lots of rigs and lots of Shmoopies (dogs to you) barking and barking and barking.  Oh well they’ll all be gone by Sunday and the park will quiet down again.  The biggest American holiday of the year. 

Happy Thanksgiving America. 

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