Friday, November 9, 2012

In Laughlin in the wind again!

Friday November 9, 2012

It was a short run from Ash Springs to Laughlin this morning and we were set up by noon.  Pretty windy on highway 93  from Ash Springs to the junction with the I 15 heading into Vegas,  windy from the south end of Vegas up to Searchlight and windy here.  What can I say….it’s windy.  Old news because it’s always windy here.  The only time it hasn’t been windy is when we were here last spring and it was 100F and we needed some wind.  Go figure. 

We use Laughlin as our coming and going layover spot because it’s cheap, quiet (mostly) and we can get a few chores done.  Oh and also it doesn’t snow here.  Bonus. 

I can walk here as the park is huge, Eric can ride his bicycle, we can wash the rig, I can shop at the small outlet mall, Eric can possibly get a new back tire on Big Red in Kingman etc. etc……you get the picture.  Nothing new or exciting except that we actually made it here.  With my health problems (feeling good right now) this is all good news.   Okay….except for the wind! 

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