Wednesday, April 4, 2012

We are back in Why, Arizona

Wednesday April 4, 2012

We arrived in Why on Tuesday around 1:30 pm after an easy drive from Santa Ana and an easy border crossing. 

It had been really cold over night in Santa Ana (only about 8 C ) when we woke up on Tuesday morning.  Brrr!  We’d had a small van parked next to us over night and I’m sure they were cold.  An odd set up too as the van was not set up to overnight in except for some sort of mattress and sleeping bag.  An older couple from B.C. with a boat in San Carlos and they had reserved for an over night stay but of course had no bathroom.  Anna generously opened the Casita for them to use their bathroom but I would think at their age they should be able to afford motel or at least have a van set up for travelling.  I might mention that the woman was quite cranky about the whole thing.  I guess so!    Just up the road is a motel we stayed in a few years ago before we had an RV and it was cheap and nice.  Each to their own but not for me!

This is a good stop for us slow travelers at Edgar and Anna’s, Punta Vista RV Park.  Edgar is looking tired and aged and I don’t know that he has recovered from his fall last year when he hurt his good side.  Life is hard and they are nice people who are always generous with their time and information. 

We turned in our stickers and tourist visas at the San Emeterio immigration and banercito and it was an easy efficient stop.  The area that we had trouble with coming down (huge drop off into the area were you park going south) was still there but there was no truck line up so it would not have been a problem heading south now.   Luck of the draw.   Hope there is no line of trucks next year. 

Our border crossing was a non event as usual.  Eric didn’t want to have them rip the rig apart if I had  some fruit, vegetables or meat that were not allowed into the USA but as usual they didn’t look in the rig and were really not interested in anything we had.  I did get rid of everything except a small bag of vegetables and a few limes which I had in the truck to show them but they weren’t interested.  Welcome back and a smile. 

We stopped for a quick lunch in the gas station parking lot just north of the border and then on to Why and the Hickiwan RV park on the road to Tucson.  This has become a quiet, preferred stop for us over the past couple of years.  $19 for full hook up and it's very quiet except for ……the Burros!  We thought they were interesting and cute the first time we were here and now not so much.  They are all fat and well fed so the grazing here must be good.  We also found out why all the handles are off the water taps here and are laying on top of the service box.  A fellow from Arizona tells us that the Burros have figured out how to turn on the water if the handles are on.  How smart is that!  I’m guessing it started with them just being curious and also that some of the taps drip and from there it was a learned thing.  Burro pee really, really stinks!


Burros passing by and see that on the road….poop! 


Beautiful here.

When I checked our email messages (they have upgraded the internet here now and it works great) I saw that we had another one from Tweety’s where Eric has ordered a Mor Ryde pin box for the 5th wheel.  They have been sending obscure emails saying they have a problem with the order and need more info but didn’t really say what they wanted.  Eric went into a rage because he had been so careful ordering to make sure everything was correct.  We emailed them more info and this morning Eric phoned to see if everything was cleared up.  We are having this shipped to Bill/Arlie’s in Yuma (our son-in-law’s Dad and step-mom) and since they are leaving on April 16th we need to get this done ASAP.  Turns out that the problem was with the Tweety’s site and that the pin box we needed was not correctly listed so Eric had picked one that didn’t match our weight category.  I thought Eric was going to blow a gasket over this so hopefully all is well now and it will show up soon.  I may have mentioned before that the 5th Wheel is a lot heavier than the truck so it jerks the truck forward and back in a chucking motion which is very tiring and this Mor Ryde pin box is supposed to take care of this issue.  I’ll keep you posted. 

We were off to Ajo this morning for groceries and beer and this is when I really, really miss Mexico.  Gone are all my beautiful fresh vegetables at a good price.  Boohoo!  I stocked up on what we needed and the cost was $160.00 about twice what I would pay in Mazatlan.  Even in Yuma the prices are the same so it’s not just that this is a small town.  Oh well…..just wait till we get back to Canada and I have to buck up for beer….then you’ll really hear some whining!!! 

So, the rest of the day was quiet with a little computer work for Eric and a crossword and some daytime television for me.  I never watch TV in the daytime but I do like to watch Dr. Oz…always interesting tips.  There were a few rigs that pulled in here, two heading north and one heading south to Puerto Penasco for the long week end.  We were going to go down and have a look at Rocky Point on the motorcycle but since it is a holiday weekend and people keep telling us it’s just a dusty, windy place we lost interest! 

Tomorrow we may go for a ride but now it’s time for a beer on the patio.  Life is good.



The blogger and the Saguaro. 


A pretty place to sit and have a beer.

P.S. After checking my blog comments I see who we met on our way through Hermosillo.  It was none other than Contessa who writes a blog from her winter home in the Tres Amigos RV park on Stone Island in Mazatlan.  I have seen her comments on Croft’s blog and the occasional one on mine but had never read her blog.  I have now and it is excellent.  Great information and beautiful pictures…she’s on my Reader’s list now!

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