Sunday, April 1, 2012

Note to self!

Sunday April 1, 2012

Well, it was noisy last night but it wasn’t the wedding that was taking place in the hotel it was a house party in the subdivision next to us.  Wax earplugs can keep out most noise but not that deep bass that makes your heart pound. 

We watched the wedding guests arrive at the hotel in all their finery and it was a huge affair.  Eric says Daddy paid a bundle for his little girl’s wedding!  Lots of colorful dresses and the little girls are just so cute.  The band was good and we enjoyed listening from the rig.  They even did songs from “Grease” and they were very good!   Just as it was getting dark we both went into the lobby and out to the courtyard by the water where the wedding was taking place.  The band had excellent singers, a horn section and we really enjoyed them.  All the guests were dancing and when they played a country song in Spanish the whole floor was in time line dancing…even the old grannies!  The whole floor of dancers were all moving in unison with no one missing a step.  How cool is that.  We just stood with big grins on our faces watching everyone have such a good time.  


Huge courtyard for a wedding.


That’s the band playing up a storm.  Horns, keyboards, drums … the works!


Quite the back drop for a wedding.  The old hotel is not in the best of repair but you can’t beat the ambiance!


Looking out over the water while the wedding was taking place.  What a setting!


The bride and groom watching the guests with their top hats on.  She was a beauty.


Heading back through the lobby to the Rig on the other side of the hotel.

We were in bed by 10pm and the music was still playing but not a problem at all to sleep.  I woke up around 12:45 and the band in the hotel had stopped but now we had a kids party rocking in the subdivision.  Hugely noisy until about 3am.  It’s a very nice neighborhood and you wouldn’t think the neighbors would put up with that amount of racket.  Ah Mexico!

It is cooler today and the wind is blowing. 


We all spent the day lolling around except for Eric who got out his bicycle and went exploring.  Sam/Rita and Judy are leaving tomorrow on their way out of Mexico through Nogales.  We will leave a bit after them and stop at Edgar and Anna’s in Santa Ana.  It is about 375 miles from Guaymas to Why, AZ where we will make our first stop in the USA so we like to break it into two days travel.    Sam/Rita and Judy will travel about 250 miles tomorrow and stop in Nogales, AZ and they will do that in one day.  

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