Monday, April 9, 2012

Heading to Yuma today

Monday April 9, 2012

We took a ride into Casa Grande on Saturday not to go to Casa Grande but just for the ride.  Out highway 86 towards Tucson and then north on highway 15 toward Casa Grande.  Highway 15 goes through the Tohono O’odham Indian reserve and it is a great highway with not much traffic.  Border patrol parked here and there looking for Mexican illegal's to stop by and turn themselves in I guess!  The ride was pretty when we climbed up in elevation and there were stands of Saguaros but other than that….not so much. 


It does make us appreciate the riding in Mexico where there is so much more to see both in the scenery and the people as well. 

We rode through the old historic district of Casa Grande which is quite nice compared to the glut of malls along the highways.


City Hall


Town Square


Downtown street.


Picture taken behind my head!  Usually I turn them right side up for you.

Farming, malls and RV parks all in one big mix.  Not for us thanks.  We’ve always said if we HAD to stay in Arizona for the winter we’d stay out in the Apache Junction end of Mesa.  Lots of nice areas to ride except that most of them like Globe are too cold during the winter season.  Much better in Mexico! 

We had lunch at a JB’s and the waitress was so chirpy she was nauseating and there was three guys having coffee and arguing in the corner.  Reminds us of our friends Don and Fraser at home and their daily arguments over coffee.  I should have taken a picture!  The lunch was good and Eric had a green Chile cheeseburger while I had a fish sandwich.


Big Red takes us home.


Lonely Indian Highway #15…and by the way they call themselves Indians here ….not First Nations so I’m politically correct.  Many years ago when I had a First Nations lady at my counter at work I struggled to find the correct term of the day to talk to her about her Government Insurance.  The names were constantly changing and there was always new terminology and she finally just looked confused and said “ I’m an Indian!”  I said “ I know that!” and we both had a good laugh. 


Stopped for a bum break at the junction of Highways 15 and 86. 


Crested Saguaro on Highway 86.  Not too often you see one of these right by the highway.  I Googled them and they are here and there but still a rare thing. 


Not a great picture but we were a long ways away and there was no shoulder to pull off the road. 

Eric had poached eggs on toast for dinner and then about 1am in the morning he woke up with huge acid reflux, burping, gut pain and the ever favorite diarrhea.  He was up and down all night and then sick all of yesterday with the same symptoms.  Lots of baking soda and water, some Zantac and Pepto Bismol for the day while he laid down.  Too weak to do anything and no food.  I spent the day sitting outside doing crosswords in the shade (90F) and then a quick trip into Ajo for a bit of food, fuel and water. 

Today Eric is vertical again although the big D is still with him.  Not sure what happened but the hamburger would be the suspect in this.  Pretty bad when he doesn’t get la tourista in Mexico all winter and now he gets it in Arizona.  The smell of food is still nauseating him so no food this morning…maybe later. 

So today a short drive to Yuma where we’ll park in the Arizona Sands RV park close to Bill/Arlie where we are having the MorRyde pin box shipped.  We’ll have a nice visit with them and hopefully get our hatch repairs done as well.  

We’ll leave the quiet of the desert in Why behind (except for the burros) for the hustle and bustle of Yuma.


Set up by 1:30 pm after a relaxing drive.  Not too many left in this park (Arizona Sands) as it is getting hot.  Over 90F in the shade today so we may have to use the air conditioner.  Eric is feeling a bit better today and had some chicken noodle soup for lunch so hopefully the worst is over.  Our MorRyde pin box has just arrived at Bill/Arlie’s so we’ll pick that up tomorrow and do some parts shopping for the RV….hatch covers etc.  Eric set up the Yagi and found an unsecured site for Wi-Fi so I don’t have to subscribe and pay for it. Well the internet is coming and going so we’ll see if I have to buck up!  $18 for a week or $4 a day.  We had free internet at the Hickiwan RV park and it only cost $19 per night.  Here over $30 and no free internet.  Bummer! 

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