Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Success with the Motorcycle Tire.

Tuesday March 6, 2012

Fogged in this morning and can’t see the sun.  The weather the past couple of days has been warmer and the wind had died down so it has been much more pleasant.  Not today.

Yesterday was a good day for Eric.  Once again he took the front wheel off Big Red and set off for the same tire shop he had been at on Saturday.  He and Sam weren’t gone too long and when they returned….success….the new tire was on the rim.  Now for the best part…the cost.  Get ready…30 pesos or $2.40 and with a 10 peso tip …$3.20.  Unbelievable, no wonder so many people have work done in Mexico.  This same job would have been $25.00 in the U.S.A.   Eric and Sam  had stopped at Ted’s to see if he could balance the tire but he wasn’t home and they left him a note that they’d be back later.  Eric put the wheel back on the bike…did a static wheel balance and all is good.  He set off for a ride with Sam after lunch to see Ted who was not home that morning but turns out he was not home again.  Eric’s wheel balance is good, the tire is great, the handling of the front end is now superb and he can’t believe how much better this new tire is.  He can let go of the bars and it tracks straight as an arrow “Look Ma..no teeth!” 

P1020429 P1020433

Old Tire.                             New Tire.

The new tire has a different tread pattern.  The old tire had a tread pattern that Dunlop had told Harley would be a problem but they didn’t listen and in the end the tire was recalled. The tire cupped, wore unevenly and much faster than it should have. 



In an earlier blog I posted that the A/C in the truck has quit.  Eric had Israel (new park manager…Arturo quit) phone the refrigeration/A.C. shop but they didn’t want to come to the park because the park owner (Felipe) would charge them a fee and wanted Eric to just bring it in.  I was under the understanding that Felipe only charged a fee if they used his services (water or power) but I guess it depends on how he feels that day!   Nothing is ever the same from one day to the next in Mexico.

Eric set off on  Big Red with his GPS to find the shop and was successful.  The Tom-tom was working yesterday and when it is the mapping is great.  It shows all the streets with names in the city (no house numbers) and Eric was able to find the shop he was looking for.  The air conditioner guy was off yesterday so today he will take the truck and see if “the guy” can take a look. 

Eric had Israel call the A/C shop this morning to make sure someone was there before he drove over  but the phone was out of service!  Worked fine yesterday!  Israel couldn’t call the business cell phone from the phone in the office because it costs money!  Eric took our cell phone up to the office and when he called the number the guy was in Guadalajara!  He’ll be back tomorrow and now he says he will come to the park tomorrow at 10am and look at the truck.  Yesterday he said he wouldn’t come to the park.  Changes every day.  Hope he is more reliable than Juan who stood Frank and Sandi up three times while they waited for him to come and do some minor motor home body repairs.  Frank finally had to go to his shop and “kidnap” him to get him to the park.  P.S.  They do know Juan and he has done quite a bit of work in this park.

Manana, manana, manana….just means not today….not necessarily tomorrow!

The hot water heater for the showers at the front of the park hasn’t been working right since we got back to the park.  Semi hot….warm…lukewarm and cold.  Felipe had Martine put some new parts in it but the gas flame has made the front of the tank all black and is only burning orange and wavy.  Today Felipe had to buck up for a new tank.  Poor Felipe he really hates to spend money…but you can’t have your customers having cold showers…bad for business.  The new tank is smaller but it is already hot so that is a good thing.  Better than the solar showers in the last park where there was only hot water if it was sunny!  No bueno.

The whole day has been sea foggy and the sun has still not shown it’s face and it’s 3:30.  Cold and windy.  Maybe “manana” will be better! 

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