Monday, March 12, 2012

People starting to leave.

Monday March 12, 2012

Not too much going on since our ride on Friday. 

Saturday I hopped the bus to have a look at the tents which are in town for a couple of weeks.  They come in about this time every year and set up on a vacant lot north of the Golden Zone right next to the place where I get my hair cut and feet done.  A good opportunity to make an appointment at Gabby’s for next week and have a look at what was for sale in the tents.  These are merchants from all over Mexico and they have really nice stuff.  I bought a little of this and that and will go back again for a little more shopping on Thursday morning before I get beautified.  Nice stuff at a reasonable price. 

Sunday, Monday and today have been low key.  A little beach time, a little cards, groceries today and a little R&R.  The weather has smartened up a bit here and it has been really pleasant on the beach.  The sand bank is still being pushed closer and closer to the beach wall but the bonus is the beach next to the water is getting larger.  Nice for walking.  In the end the waves and surf will do what they want!

It is March now and with that comes….kids on spring break.  We are seeing lots of white sunburned bodies on the beach and that will continue for the whole month. 

Tomorrow we will hit the road for another ride with Sam & Rita.   Eric has been looking at a ride north/east of here to the El Salto Lakes and that’s where we will head tomorrow.  these are Bass fishing lakes that attract many North American tourists.  The first  part of the ride is about 75 miles to El Salto and we may venture farther to Vado Hondo and Cosala.  We’ll leave early and see how far we get.  It is a ride we haven’t done before so we don’t know what kind of road we will find. 

Today three more rigs left the park so it is getting more and more empty.  Over the next couple of weeks most rigs will head out and by  the end of the month only two or three will be left.   

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