Friday, March 2, 2012

It’s dark in my bathroom now!

Friday March 2, 2012

We were off to the Home Depot by Soriana’s this morning to get some material to fix our skylight in the bathroom.  Eric decided to get a small piece of plywood and some framing material to make a wood cover that will do until we get back to Arizona.  We couldn’t just glue plastic to the remaining frame as it is broken and deteriorated as well.  While we were there I managed to get a weeks worth of groceries and beer at Soriana’s and Eric picked up water so we are set for a week.  We don’t have a vegetable truck coming through the park every day here and the guy that does come three days a week is more expensive (double) and the produce is no where near as good as Los de Marcos.  I miss you Saul!

I spent the afternoon playing “Bunko” with the ladies which is a dice game.  If you get a “Bunko” (if you are rolling 2’s and you get three 2’s that is a Bunko)  you get to cross off a Bunko letter and wear the stupid hat. 


Connie gets a Bunko!


Kathy gets a Bunko!  The first time I played in January I got 7 Bunko’s and a prize.  Beginners luck….today…nada! 


Regina gets a Bunko!

Kind of a dopey game.  I prefer Hand and Foot but they only play once a month here so it’s not too bad. 

When I got back to the rig Eric was ready for some help from me to screw down the vent cover he had made.  Clever man had a handsaw etc. with him so he could do what needed to be done.  The hole in the roof is now covered and we are in the dark….but protected from rain if we get any. 

Tomorrow he will try to get the motorcycle tire changed and then we will call an air conditioner guy that Sam knows to look at the truck.  One thing at a time.

We took a late walk on the beach and boy has the surf ever thrown the sand around.  Huge ten foot drop offs where there used to be none.  The power of the waves is amazing.

If has been really chilly with a cold northwest  wind since we got back to Mazatlan.  We expected to feel cold here because it is much warmer and more tropical in Los de Marcos but it is unseasonably cold here right now.  Not just us …everyone else is complaining too.  Hope it warms up soon!

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