Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A freaking hot ride to Cosala!

This post took a long time to do so….it is out of order.

Tuesday March 13, 2012

We set off early today as it was going to be hot inland.  We left the park with Sam and Rita by 8:15 am and it was already quite warm.  Our destination today was Cosala which is northeast of Mazatlan. 

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This map doesn’t show the roads very well… but you get the idea.  It was about 100 miles each way and it would have been a great ride if it wasn’t so hot. 

Cosalá, Sinaloa - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Once again…no history lesson or geography lesson….read about it if you want!


On the road.


First stop for fuel at the Pemex just south of the turn off to San Ignacio and San Javier.  Once again the gas attendant we met last year was on duty.  A real nice guy who lives in San Javier and speaks great English.  We asked about the safety of going to Cosala and he said it was no problem.


Turn off to San Ignacio.  This is another nice ride we haven’t done this year.  Earlier on we’d talked about it but there had been some shootings so we decided not to go!  Apparently okay now!


Turn off to El Salto Lakes, Vado Hondo and Cosala.  Lots of Bass fishing in the El Salto Lakes and a big waterfall at Vado Hondo.  


Big mountains toward Cosala.


We could see a body of water off to the right which must be El Salto but the road was dirt so we opted out.  It didn’t look like there was much water in the lakes which is no surprise because it is very very dry!


There are always cattle as you ride along and I could see this little fellow getting his morning wash from Momma!  These Brahma type cattle seem to be able to survive on the poorest of grazing.  We saw nothing green to eat anywhere.


As we got closer to Cosala the road got windier and windier.  Eric really had to pay attention to the curves but Big Red with his new front tire was much easier to handle.


Big mountains in the distance.  There were some fires burning and since we had just been passed by truck loads of Federalies we wondered if they were burning marijuana fields in the mountains.  Who knows!


Every town has it’s big gate.  Cosala is no exception.

P1020545Pretty, narrow, clean streets as we rode in towards the church which is always where you will find the town square. 


Always a huge beautiful church no matter how big or small the town.  A monstrous financial burden for the people. 


We tucked the bikes in at the edge of the round about around the square.  We were on the yellow no parking line and the Policia Municipal stopped to have a look.  We said we were going to have lunch and they said we could stay there.  Sam asked about a restaurant and they suggested one up the street.  It was at this point that Sam and Rita remembered they had been here two years ago with Hal and Helene.  They had also stopped at Vado Hondo (dirt road) before Cosala and saw the waterfall.  It is now so dry there may not even be a waterfall. 


Obviously the wrong exposure setting but it gives you the idea of the white hot heat of the day.  We were all sweating like pigs by this time.  Hot Hot Hot!





Aerial photo from Wikipedia.

As we wandered along the street toward the restaurant I took these pictures.  This is a very very old town!  Based on mining.


Clean as a whistle and the trees are all trimmed up for spring.  Eric really liked the streets as there were no cobblestones….just pavers….a much easier ride. 


Sam and Rita outside the restaurant.  Up on the right where the balconies are is where we will eat. 


Heading inside and it’s already much cooler.


The obligatory parrot.  A little molty and not too happy looking. 


Upstairs to where we will eat.


A timed photo of us waiting for food.  We had to drink Tecate since they didn’t have anything else.  Not too bad if it’s really cold and drowned in lime!

The lunch was okay but generic.  The restaurant was so nice we expected more.  We’ve had better lunches at a taco stand.  Also not real cheap which is fine if the meal is great.  The tortillas were black which is the first time we have seen that.  


I took a picture of this lady off the balcony of the restaurant playing with her little girl and then a bit later there were Federalies there as well.  Go figure!


The walls in this restaurant are about 3 feet thick.  That really holds in the cooler night air (if there is any) to keep out the heat of the day.  It is only March now and it will get hotter and hotter as the months pass.  Too hot for us gringos. 


This restaurant had a lovely washroom that was spiffy clean which you don’t often find in Mexico.  Who the heck is that in the mirror?


A really nice framed shot of the town through the bathroom portal.


Lunch is done time to head outside.


Waiting for the women.


We were really full after lunch but….then there was this ice cream shop and….a small frozen treat seemed just the thing.


Not too full for ice cream!


Ore car.  Cosala’s roots are in mining even to this day although the mine is now closed.


Wandering the street around the square looking at old buildings.    Cosala has the distinction of being designated Pueblo Magico.


Locals looking at the bikes.


Happy couple!


Sam and Rita mounted up and ready to head back to Mazatlan. 


Bye bye Cosala.  Worth another look and maybe next time Eric and I will stay over night and see a little more. 

A hot ride home and everyone is tired.

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