Sunday, March 25, 2012

Catching up!

Sunday March 25, 2012

So let's see what’s been going on. 

Thursday was grocery shopping, cards and the last night of bingo.  I was too tired for bingo so I just sent my money with Mary and she played for me.  I ended up 75 pesos ahead and Mary won  4 times and won over a 1000 pesos….how lucky is that.  She should buy lottery tickets!

Friday was the last night for people in the park to go to happy hour at Los Flores before we all leave so Eric and I decided to join in.  A beautiful sunny night to start and then turned cold and windy.   There were 13 of us at the table for happy hour and then a few people moved on to Fat Fish for ribs while the rest of us stayed behind to eat.  As the sun started to set we decided to move inside to the dining room so we wouldn’t freeze to death because the wind had picked up and was really cold and howling.


Two for one drinks at Happy Hour.  Those margaritas are huge but Marilyn said they tasted like soda pop!


Happy people at Happy Hour!


It was freezing cold and windy by the time the sun was setting but Judy, Hal and Helene stuck it out to the end!   The rest of us were all  looking out the window from inside where it was warm.

On Saturday morning Manny/Connie, Marilyn/Dennis and George/Sharen left the park.  They were only going to Los Mochis and a Pemex  on the first day so they didn’t need to leave early and that left us all time for long good-byes!  Ramona had to come over for a last treat with Eric and I didn’t give her a healthy dog cookie…I gave her cheddar cheese…her favorite.  We’ve had a good winter together and we’ll see them again in the fall.  We spend way more time with our winter friends than our friends at home because we are all so close together here.   We are lucky to have such a nice bunch of people in this park. 



Chico will miss his friend Ramona too!


Dennis/Marilyn and George/Sharen ready to go…where is Manny?


Here he comes with the yellow Bug in tow!


Bye, bye….there they go!

We’ve had a Quebecois Caravan in the park all week so there has been a few more people around.  They were out and about in a couple of large tour buses and pulmonias on different excursions. 


Big green tour bus loaded for a day out.


Now the open topped yellow one!

The Quebecois are not very friendly but I did talk to a couple of English speaking women when I gave them directions as to what bus to take to get downtown to Centro.  They all left this morning and had been set up in the very back of the park.  Felipe (the owner) had added this area a few years ago when he expanded the park and it is a nice place for large groups to stop.  There were about 30 rigs and they varied in size from camper vans to large motor homes.  As they headed out we once again remarked that we couldn’t see why anyone would want to travel in a caravan.  You wouldn’t learn anything about the roads you are travelling because all you would see is the bumper of the rig ahead of you. 


Here they come!

P1020668 The first wave heading out. 

They split the group in two leaving about 1/2 hour between each wave.  It would still be a horror to be behind them at toll booths or trying to pass on a single lane road. There are so many of them that fuel stops would be an issue as well and I guess that’s why the smaller rigs and vans were in a second group because they need fuel more often.  

It is not something we would ever do.

Today I caught up on the laundry and baked some cookies.  Eric and I took a late walk on the beach and boy was the surf ever pounding.  You could really get hurt if you were in the wrong place at the wrong time. 

Eric put 30 gallons of water in our fresh water tank today and we will run off the pump and see how long it lasts.  On the way south we put 30 gallons in when we were in Guaymas and when we got to Los Mochis and tried to use it there wasn’t any water and we don’t know what happened to it.  It could be that the bottom of the tank is bowed and the filler is too far up but so far it seems to to be okay!

We will be leaving Mazatlan on Thursday so it will soon be time to pack up but tomorrow we will take a last ride for this year with Sam and Rita to Concordia. 

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