Tuesday, October 2, 2018

A Day in Phoenix and ….the truck problem wasn’t as bad as it could have been.

It rained over night and continued on this morning.  There was major flooding around the city.  Eric was off in the truck for his 8am appt and I waited to hear the news. 

He returned before 10am and it turns out the problem is the water pump.  It will cost $1500 US to replace it and change all the coolant fluid.  We consider ourselves lucky that it isn’t the head gasket which would have cost almost as much as the truck is worth to repair.  Eric didn’t know how he was going to get home as the dealership had said he could just take an Uber which we know nothing about.  Turns out they call and pay for Uber so that is a good thing.  The truck will be ready by 6pm tonight but Eric will wait till morning to pick it up.  He said it is a huge shop with about 30 mechanics working so they push a lot of vehicles through.


By late morning the rain had eased off leaving great big puddles.  However I don’t think the storm is done with us yet.


Our windows were filthy from all the dust of travelling and now they will be clean but it didn’t clean bugs off the front of the RV that we picked up in Idaho.  


Looking in at the park …that’s us just to the left of Jim’s red car.


The 5th wheel will be safe and sound until we get back on Halloween day. 


Garth Liseth said...

Good to hear that you didn't have a blown head gasket. That can be nasty. We are currently north-west of you today in Las Vegas on the final leg of a cruise junket from Vancouver through San Diego. We fly home on Thursday and will find our way to Campbell River by the end of the week for a visit with Keith. The weather here is pretty nice but it rained like hell on the I-11 coming back from the Hoover Dam this afternoon. Hope all goes well.

Kathy Tycho said...

Yup. Doing the same thing here..just had a big squall and a flood alert. No problem if you're sitting still.