Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Kelowa to Boise in good weather

Monday morning we left Kelowna about 8:20am.  It was a bit cloudy but warm and generally nice.  We arrived at the USA border and got the usual fridge check.  I couldn’t remember what I couldn’t bring which way over which border so I lost my tomatoes and oranges.  The border guard asked if I’d familiarized myself with the regulations and I said “ Well it’s pretty hard to figure out…” and he said “ Yeah, it’s all quite vague.”  He didn’t ask about any meat, eggs etc. so I didn’t have to leave my frozen chicken with my sister-in-law and hard boil my eggs.  Oh well.  Nice guy though. He didn’t even look in the garage. 

There was a bit of a head wind and the roads were quite bumpy on the drive through northern Washington and this slowed us down a bit.  The other thing that was odd was the traffic….everyone was doing the speed limit or less.  Very strange.

We arrived in the Wal Mart parking lot in Othello, Washington around 4pm.   I bought beer and…..tomatoes and a few other things.  The prices were outrageous but I remembered that from previous stops and didn’t buy much.  When we got back to the rig we were visited by the guy who drives the handi dart to the Wal Mart.  He wanted to know all about us and also shared his views on the USA and he was obviously a Democrat!  I’m going to call him Bob because we have an old friend who used to live in Terrace and now lives Vernon who does the same thing and his name is Bob.  Funny thing….he’s nice and personable just like this Bob.

We left Othello on Tuesday morning about 8am and it wasn’t cold, windy, frosty or foggy like it always is in November.  A real treat.  The drive was uneventful and we had a tail wind just about the whole way to Meridian, Idaho.  Our speedometer has quit, although it starts working occasionally so we are using our TomTom GPS instead.  Works fine.

We arrived at the Boise/Meridian KOA around 4:30 pm mountain daylight time which is one hour later than we are at home.  Surprizingly to us the park was almost jammed full and we almost didn’t get a spot.  We’ve never reserved before and it’s never been full in November even with all the winter travellers.  We got the last spot which was a small back in with trees and booked for two nights. 

As we were setting up the guy next door came over to chat and it turned out that he was from Parker, Arizona and has an RV park right next to the park that our friend Andy Avison and wife Carol stayed in.  Andy passed away early this summer and we will miss him.  He and Eric along with Mel and Fraser used to drink beer together on Thursday nites.  Now Fraser has moved and Andy is gone so ….no more Thursday nite beer.  Times change.  The other thing is that the guy chatting to us has a house up near Duck Creek Village in Utah.  This is in the area where we are going to see Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon.  He gave Eric lots of info about the roads and suggested we could stay at the Pine Woods Inn near Duck Creek.  However the day time temps are around 50F and lows at 24F…not for us, way too cold as it is very high there.  We will stay somewhere around Hurricane or Cedar City where daytime temps are in the 70’s.  We hope to unload the motorcycle and tour the area.

It was a nice warm sunny evening and a good day. 

Today is Wednesday and it has clouded over and is showery.  This weather is supposed to hang around for a couple of days and then the sun will return. 

I shopped at my usual favorite store….WinCo and picked up most of what we’ll need for the next couple of weeks.  Tomorrow we are off to Jackpot, Nevada for the night and then on to Alamo, Nevada before we head off to Utah. 

All is well.

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