Sunday, January 20, 2013

The beach has really been eroded.

Sunday January 20, 2013

Over the past week or more the weather here in Mazatlan has been quite cold and windy.  The surf has been pounding at night and has made a huge bank of sand where there used to be a gentle slope to the ocean.  Many of the condo complexes south along along our beach have had their walls undermined. 


This is the bank in front of the beach road where we come over from the park to walk and sit.


That tower is just across the street from the Las Jaibas RV park.  Looking north.


Not too bad here……


Bad here and no way to get onto the beach from the condos……How long till the wall caves in?

P1030444  This has nothing to do with the beach but….Dennis called me over the other day to look at this stick bug.  It was sitting on the cover on the top of his truck….a really huge one.  They think they are invisible so they don’t move.  Very interesting.

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Contessa said...

Interesting about the beach. Here on Stone Island the beach has remained flat. Must have something to do with how the land is sloped under the water.

Never saw a stick bug before.