Thursday, January 3, 2013

Bingo and Connie’s birthday.

Thursday January, 3, 2013

Every Thursday night a bunch of the ladies from the park go up to the Last Drop restaurant at Cerrito’s and play bingo.  Lorraine from Cerrito’s is our bingo caller and it’s a lot of fun.  You get three cards for 50 peso’s and you play four games on each card and we usually play three times so there are lots of chances to win.  The pots vary from small  at the beginning to big at the very end when you need to have a black out to win.  The last pot can be quite large depending on how many people are playing.

Most of us have a couple of drinks and some good food and it makes for an enjoyable evening out. 


P1030334 Don’t Sandi and Betty look happy.  Sandi should because she turned out to be the big mucho winner of the last pot….almost 500 peso’s!   Jeri on the left.


Look at all those dots on those cards….I wonder who’s going to win.  It certainly wasn’t me!


That’s Lorraine our bingo caller behind Rita.  Thanks Lorraine!

We were all prepared for Connie’s birthday and brought little presents so she got quite an array of gifts (some gaggy and some not!)


That’s a hand made pot scrubber from Sandi and around her neck is a head of my home grown garlic to keep the Werewolves away! 


When the waiters found out it was Connie’s birthday they brought her a fancy dessert cake and sang happy birthday.  Nice guys!


Betty was prepared as well and she had made and brought one of her delicious home made cakes.  This was a good thing because now we all got cake!  Even the waiters!


Happy birthday Connie!

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