Sunday, February 19, 2012

We try it again!

Sunday February 19, 2012

Weather is still not good for the beach so we’ll try another dry run to find the libramento that bypasses downtown Puerto Vallarta.  If you have never done this you will think we are being overly cautious and think what’s the big deal.  If you have done it….you know what I’m talking about! 

As we rode along the main highway before Sayulita there was a small herd of cattle on the road and everyone had to slow down while they crossed.  Eric gave them the horn and they started kicking and bucking!  Should I mention why you don’t drive in Mexico in the dark!  We turned off at Sayulita to take the ocean road that goes by Punta de Mita. 

Part way along the road that goes west from Sayulita to the beach we were stopped by police.  Turns out there was a parade of horses coming towards us and we would have to wait until they passed on their way to Sayulita. While we waited Eric and the Transito police officer who stopped us had a big conversation about motorcycles.  The other police officers  in vehicles were impressed by Big Red’s engine size but even more than that by the aftermarket GPS mounted on the gas cap!  Go figure!  The Transito officer was riding a 600cc, 4 cylinder Honda and he wanted to trade bikes!  Eric said sure if he’d throw in his uniform and radio!  That got a laugh but he admitted he couldn’t do it! 

We were at the head of the line of traffic waiting and when the horses arrived there were lots of them.  Turns out it was President’s day ( I thought that was a US holiday!) and all the Caballeros were riding their Caballos from the Punta de Mita area to Sayulita.  The riders were well fortified with cerveza and Tequila so they were all having a great time.  Beautiful horses and quite a few mules whose braying let you know they were mules!  After the parade passed we pulled over and let all the traffic pass so we could take our time. 


Eric and the Transito officer. 

P1020299  Here they all come!


This is only a small amount of the whole parade.  I took some video too which is great but I can’t figure out how to get it on the blog. 

By this time we needed to find lunch and Eric decided we would go back to the Mexican restaurant we had eaten at on a previous trip when we got lost in the maze in the Nuevo Vallarta hotel district  looking for a way out after finding our friends hotel.   More enchiladas for Eric and some Sopes (small thick tortillas with cheese/chicken/cabbage etc.) for me.   Delicious and reasonably priced but not cheap.  The closer you get to Puerto Vallarta the more expensive the food gets.  Much more so than Mazatlan. 

And now for another try at finding the turn to the libramento heading south through Puerto Vallarta.  We stayed on the main highway (decided to try the turn off the lateral next time) and when we got close to the intersection with the light to send us left….we missed it!  No signs and hard to see.  Up the highway, turn left, back on the lateral and this time we made the right northbound turn onto the libramento.  Got off the libramento, turned around, back north along the main highway, past the turn, turned around, back south on the main highway and actually made the left turn onto the libramento.  Whew….I’m dizzy….how about you!  As we neared the intersection on the last try we noted where the ramp off the lateral comes up (just past Office Max) and it is only a short distance from the intersection and you would have to be fast to get into the correct lane to make the turn.  At this point we’d had enough turning around and decided to head home.  As we may want to go farther south next year we need to know exactly where the turn is so we don’t end up downtown on the Malecon in a rig.  You may be able to to turn left off the main highway if you miss the left turn to the libramento but you would be on small streets so that may or may not work. 

Map picture

This is the nasty intersection that has been giving us problems! You are trying to get from the light blue area to the purplish area and head south around that curve.  Looks simple….not! 

Another nice ride via Punta de Mita and Sayulita and home. 

P.S. I won’t bore you with anymore trips to the libramento road in Puerto Vallarta!

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