Tuesday, February 28, 2012

We are leaving Los de Marcos tomorrow.

Tuesday February 28, 2012

We spent the day packing up but it wasn’t a big deal as we have only been here a month.  If you have been sitting in one place for months on end it gets to be a bigger and bigger job.  As we loaded the bike more than one guy had to come over and have a peek at the inside of the garage.  Eric rides the Harley up the ramp into the garage and it is always a bit stressful because he doesn’t want to end up in the kitchen!  So far, so good.

Many people here are starting to head north and I had a chance to talk to a few of them when they noticed we were packing up.  Lots of nice people in this park but we had a bad start with dog issues and found it all a bit difficult to fit in.  We were incorrectly positioned in the park …too close to the palapa ….but we had no idea how loud it could be.  Jose the park worker and I had a chat about it and he should know as his room is right under it.  He couldn’t believe how loud the Mama Mia party was the other night…so I guess it wasn’t just us!  If we come back to this park we will park farther away.

In the end I must say all of this RV travel is a learning experience and we have put many things in the memory bank from our first RV visit to Los de Marcos.  The town is small and we really enjoy the local Mexican people.  The beach is great and although the weather wasn’t all that good this last month we found many things to do to amuse ourselves. 

When we first started this winter travel it was all about getting away from the bad weather  and although that is still a lot of it the whole thing has become much more.  Many people spend their whole winter in an RV park in Mexico and hardly ever leave it.  To truly enjoy Mexico you have to get out and move around and the motorcycle has allowed us to do that. 

Our first year travelling was a huge shock to two people who have lived a quiet rural lifestyle and had never even travelled in an RV….let alone the United States. Year two we made it into Mexico on our own and as far south as Mazatlan.  We were lucky to meet Sam and Rita who had brought their Harley with them so we had someone to ride with.  Last year we learned more and even made a trip south with Eric on our other Harley and me with Frank and Sandi in their jeep.  A lot of fun and we got as far south as Barra de Navidad.  This year we did a trip to Los de Marcos with Sam and Rita on their bike and Eric and I on ours.  Another step forward.  Now we have brought the rig south for a month and we have learned a little more.  Next year we hope to come back to this area for part of the winter and do more motorcycle travel as well.  Baby steps.


We had a lovely final dinner here uptown at Saul and Vivi’s restaurant.  Business hasn’t been great for them this year and I think part of it is the two new Gringo run restaurants that have opened up.   When Vivi saw us passing by she quickly threw the lights on in their restaurant and was happy to feed us.  We have eaten there many times and she is always gracious and puts out a good meal.  Fresh Red Snapper that she quickly filleted and served empanazado (breaded) with salad and potatoes.  A good meal and a nice lady. 

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