Monday, February 6, 2012

So what’s been going on?

Monday February 6, 2012

Well, not much.  The weather has been cloudy off and on but still very warm and humid. 

This park is a little busier than we would like but each park is different.  There are many, many dogs and some of the dog owners are good and some are not!  Love me, love my dog.  Now don’t get me wrong I like dogs and have raised reasonably well behaved dogs for the past 40 years but this type of compressed living situation makes it a challenge for everyone.  As a rule the big dog owners pay more attention to discipline and the small dog owners treat them like babies and of course the dogs take advantage of that.  We had a run in with a Poodle/Bichon right after we got here.  His owner thought he could just leave him loose and he was passing right through our pad off leash and then he peed on Eric’s bike cover (the dog…not the owner!)  Not nice.  Eric growled at him to get off our pad and he attacked barking and of course his owner couldn’t control him.  Big apologies.  I was bitten by an on leash dog three years ago (15 stitches) so this isn’t good for my mental health.  It isn’t rocket science….keep him on a leash!  When they are on the beach many of them are off leash and of course their owners aren’t watching them closely so….you guessed it….piles of dog crap here and there.   There are beach dogs as well but lots of the crap is small and the beach dogs are big!  Not too sanitary.  In Las Jaibas in Mazatlan there are very few dogs in the park and the ones that are there we know and like.  So, Ramona, Chico and Baretta none of this applies to you!!! 

When you come into a park midway through the season everyone in it is used to each other and thinks they own the place.  This park is full of partiers, dog owners, musicians etc.  We, of course are none of the above!  From a music point of view not everyone plays as well as they might think they do and after a few drinks it gets worse.  So…..are we enjoying ourselves?    Well…..some parts of it.  The weather is good, the water is warm, the town and it’s restaurants are good but the dynamics of this park are a little too much for us.  Not their fault and not ours.  Time will tell.  The owner of this park Juan Jose is so happy to have people in his new park he really doesn’t have any rules in place so people just have to fight it out for themselves.  Stressful.  We have been spoiled by the low occupancy in Las Jaibas and as well everyone there is used to us. 

It is a Mexican holiday weekend (Constitution Day) and the beach is full of happy Mexicans and their families.  It is really enjoyable to sit on the beach and watch them.  The gringos had organized a fund raiser at the square in town followed by a dance with local bands playing.  We could hear it from the park!   I’m sure a good time was had by all. 

We have some Terrace friends (Merv and Monica Warner) coming into Puerto Vallarta (Bucerious) in a few days so today we will take a ride in to see where their hotel is (Riu Vallarta) so we can meet up with them later.

(P.M. same day)

Map picture

We were aiming for the area under the Bahia de Banderas written on the map which is Bucerias and Nuevo Vallarta at the the north end of the bay.

We had a good ride even though it was very busy on the highway.  Mexican holiday so lots of road traffic.  We rode toward Puerto Vallarta and took the exit just past the town of Bucerious into the hotel district where the hotels, golf course and marina are.  We were checked through the gate by a guard with a clip board and off we went.  Three big Riu hotels interspersed with other ones and we easily found the one they would be staying in.  We continued on the road to see what else was in the area and ended up at a mall on a dead end.  We back tracked a ways and crossed over the water to see if we could find a restaurant and a way out but as you can see from the maze of roads it wasn’t easy and we ended up dead ended again!  Finally we lucked onto Boulevard Nuevo Vallarta and a place to eat and a way out.




A nice Mexican restaurant (Dona Tera) which served us up quickly.  It was now 2pm and we were hungry!  Four enchiladas each along with two Pacificos and 200 pesos with a tip.  A big place with a few Mexicans eating and many waiters so that would tell me it can get busy. They also sold bulk meat so other places must buy from them.  A nice stop for two hungry people.  The road continued out to the highway and we headed back to Los de Marcos.  Funny enough there was no guard on a gate at this end so the security isn’t really that secure!  We stopped at the Mega for some cereal (hard to find whole grain cereals here) buns and a bottle of wine.  The ride back was busy and there were quite a few unsafe passes by Mexicans which is silly because there is always a slow truck ahead of you holding up traffic and you end up at the same place at the same time. Only one road south from Tepic to Puerto Vallarta, two lanes and extremely busy with very few places to pass. Ah Mexico!

Map of Nuevo Vallarta, Nayarit.

The river at the bottom of this map is the boundary between Nayarit in the north and Jalisco on the south. 

Merv and Monica will be staying at the Riu Vallarta. 

There was also a bonfire, singsong at the beach end of the park tonight.  We could hear it faintly in the distance over the pounding surf.  Not our thing but I’m sure it was enjoyed by all.  So, all in all a good day. 

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