Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Eric is just so happy he could bust!

Wednesday February 1, 2012

The weather is warm, the water is warm and Eric is happy. 

We have Big Red out of the garage, the awning out and all our crap unloaded and set up so we are now back to normal.  Or as normal as we get!  Everyone here has been really friendly and many people have stopped by to say Hi.  In some parks if you come in during the later part of the season you are ignored.  Not here.  Eric and I have been asking about suppliers for this and that and have corrected our pronunciation of “panaderia..carneceria etc.” so maybe we won’t get so many blank looks when we ask”Donde esta Panaderia” or where is the bakery!  We try. and don’t forget to roll that R. 


Toward the beach from the roof of the palapa.


That’s Juan the resident handyman…., the owner is Juan Jose and his son is Juan something.  So, like which Juan is it! 


Second floor concrete palapa.  Fabric sail roof and concrete over the kitchen/bar.  Nice and breezy in the heat and the fabric keeps the sun off.


Kitchen /bar and that’s our rig below.


Our site from the palapa.


Big new concrete pads.  Keeps everything nice and clean.  So far no espina (prickly, burr grass.)

I am feeling lonely for my friends in Mazetlan but I’ll survive!  There was a yoga class on the palapa terrace this morning that looked very relaxing.  Presently I’m just too tired and achy.  Bird watching, hiking etc. but most of it seems low key so far.  Eric of course doesn’t need socialization so none of that matters to him. 

The last couple of days have been a bit cloudy here but today it is clear and hot.  I may venture into the water today.  Eric has been in both days since we arrived and now he’s eyeing up the sea kayaks and trying to figure out where to put one for next year.  Maybe we’ll make a door into the queen sized bunk that is over the front part of the garage so it could sit on the top bunk in the back and the queen size bunk inside the rig!  All I want is a boogie board because it looks like I wouldn’t kill myself on one here.  Fairly tame surf. 

So all is well so far and it is nice here but more expensive.  $550.00 U.S. for the site and metered power at somewhere around $90. per month so it does make Las Jaibas a bargain at $460. with free power.  Depends on what you want and you can’t take your money with you anyway. 

Eric says he is going to catch me a fish for dinner and I have requested a Sierra which is apparently good eating…..but I do know where the Pescaderia is as well as a back up! 

There is now some instrument playing and singing going on so …..I think I’ll go to the beach.  I’ve heard this is a very musical park but I’ll reserve judgment on the talent until later and I won’t let anyone know I have a blog!


Croft said...

We were in that same park a few years ago. There was some ceremony in the main square downtown one night. It is a walkable distance as I recall. Congratulations on heading south! Soon you will be in Chetumal! You would love it by the wat!

Kathy Tycho said...

Hi Croft:
Actually this was a new park last year but you could have been next door at his brother's park (Cruz Maria) The weather here is lovely. Eric would like to travel to other areas but this rig is too big for that! When we're too old to ride the Harley maybe we'll downsize and move more. Time will tell.

Croft said...

Ah! It looked familiar. Must have bee another one. Have fun!