Friday, February 17, 2012

And so I lose it!

Friday Feb. 17, 2012

We had a rig move in next to us on Wednesday night and at first it seemed all would be reasonably quiet even though they had two wiener dogs with them.  Okay it turned out the dogs were quiet as long as they kept the door shut and they couldn’t see anything but if the door was open they barked at anything that moved.  Swell.  She could keep them quiet but you know how it is with some dog people….they just don’t hear their own dogs.  Then tonight the park worker decided to start a truck/bumper repair in the space next to us at 7pm at night while we were quietly having a beer and listening to music.  Eric said “I’m saying something if the grinder starts up!”  Well the guy next to us who owns the truck and the wiener dogs came to look at his truck and the dogs started barking at the worker and so ….I lost it!  The dogs are on our pad barking and I’m out of the trailer yelling and swearing for them to get the hell off and the guy can’t catch them because they are off leash….and I scare the park worker half to death who says he’ll move the truck to a spot where there is no one close by….that would be a great idea!   Well…you get the picture!  I will usually avoid confrontation at all cost but if I am pushed over the edge it is not pretty.  All my good manners go to hell! Eric went outside and yelled at the owner  to get dogs out of here and the guy said he didn’t like to get yelled at.  Well that would figure since his wife yells at him!  Eric took Jose the worker up to the office to explain the problem to the the owner’s wife who doesn’t speak English.  Juan Jose, the owner had taken one of the Quebecois fellows in the park to Puerto Vallarta because he fell off his bike and has a head injury.  By now I bet you can guess how popular we are in this park!  We are definitely not being over run by visitors!  I might again mention we are very quiet people who make no noise and don’t bother anyone and this is the second dog attack issue on our pad since we got here and we don’t even have a dog!!!

The weather has been awful for a week but should be good enough for us to go out on Big Red for a ride.  We really need to get away from here for a day as we haven’t even been able to swim. 

P.S. I apologized to Jose the worker for yelling and that it wasn’t his fault but he said part of it was because he put the truck there. 


Croft said...

I would love to have been there to see that!

CAG said...

Me, too! You go Kathy! I wudda lost it, too!

Contessa said...

Sorry you are having such a hard time there. If it were us and our 2 weiners they would be quiet plus we build a fenced in area for them.