Monday, March 1, 2021

More food pictures and now it's my birthday at the Watson's

 As it was my birthday I got to choose the menu.  Abby is the baker so I chose cheese cake.  For the main menu fish taco's.   Holly, Chris and Abby were cooking. 

Abby is the baker in the family and this was a masterpiece as usual. 

Carefully decorated. 

I got a laugh out of her when I asked why some "rapper" was decorating my cake!

Chris and Holly the main chefs for the evening.  They are teasing me here because I'm always after the family to put on an apron so they won't ruin their clothes, especially when they're frying.  Chris has on a 4H apron l980's vintage and Holly is wearing an apron from one of our Mazatlan, Las Jaibas trailer park chili cook offs.  Aren't they cute!
All the shrimp waiting to be deep fried. They decided to have shrimp and halibut fish taco's. 

Holly's task with Chris's careful supervision. 
Erika has been a "kitty cat girl" since she was small.  That's Casper.
Chris takes over for awhile. 
Son in law Wade chatting with Abby and Erika.

What a feast.
Shrimp and fish tacos with guacamole. 
It was as delicious as it looks

A mother daughter picture.  I am "really" happy.

Yum, yum, yum!

And now for dessert.  A masterpiece and...
It is just gorgeous and.....
It was as delicious as it looks!  I do believe it was the best cheese cake I have ever eaten.
Even Wade had some and he doesn't even like dessert!
Dinner is over and it's time for the family, including the dogs to head out to the barn and feed the horses.  
We head home, full and happy.  What a nice birthday. 


Croft said...

Happy Birthday Kathy! Great looking cheesecake!

living.boondockingmexico said...

Nice! Great to have such good cooks around. The food looks delicious and you have a beautiful home.