Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Dolce Mama for Ladies Lunch

Today we were eight….supposed to be 12ish but…lots of no shows.   When a reservation has been made and we say we are going we…should show up unless we are sick.  Right? 

So eight of us onto the bus and into the Golden Zone. 


Dolce Mama is set back a bit off the main street but easy to find because it’s right behind the very brightly colored Centenara restaurant which has hot pink cows out front. 


This is a cafe style restaurant with all sorts of fancy drinks (non alcoholic) such as frappes and a varied menu that includes pastas, burgers, crepes and lots of panini type sandwiches. 


From the left Marilyn, Sandi, Robyn and then Jeannette.


The waiter is serving our drinks. Pat and Bonnie across and Linda with her back to us.


Wow ….you could just come here for a fancy drink and dessert.


Yum….strawberry tarts.


I think that blueberry cheese cake has my name on it.  The fancy cake to the right ended up at the other table.


Linda and her strawberry frappe.  I had one too …delicious.


The restaurant also offers all types of crepes.  Some are a dessert type and some are a lunch type like Pat’s chicken ones.


Linda and I ordered a beef dip panini but after quite a wait we were informed they were out of beef!  So….we had pork.


Sandi had a BLT and the rest of the table also had pork paninis.  All very good.


Sandi, Robyn, Jeannette and Marilyn shared “ three desserts” including that caramel type cake that is now just about all gone. 

Our table shared the piece of blueberry cheese cake that had my name on it! 

So….the food was good.  Cafe fare and not fine dining.  The desserts were scrumptious!   The wait for the food was quite long even though there was only a couple of other tables eating.  Service was good and the prices decent.  Still, a good place to stop for lunch when you are out and about.  On a final note the washroom was clean but it had no light.  We had to leave the outside door open and the stall door ajar to see what we were doing.  Odd. 

Everyone was now off to shop or go home.  


Linda and I wandered down the street and ended up back down by Lucky B’s where we had lunch last week.  Linda bought the cotton tank top she’d seen in a little shop last week and then we headed south to the Designer’s Bazaar.  This shop has more than just the waffle type cotton clothes that are offered everywhere.  Lots of imports as as well as made in Mexico.  I found a nice Asian looking thin linen top with silver embroidery that will match a couple of pairs of pants that I have with me.  Made in Pakistan!  Cost about $25 Canadian….cheap.   There is also a Designer’s Bazaar in El Quelite. 

Onilikan Artisan Liquors on Avenida Playa Gaviotos.  this link for info.


This is a very interesting craft distillery store. 


“Dora”  the still!


There is a bar at the back of the store and you can buy Sinaloa flavoured liqueurs in any size.  There was a huge amount to see and it would definitely be worth a longer visit and…some tasting!

Linda and I walked back up to Camaron Sabalo to find the watch repair shop.  I’d stopped there last week but I’d left my watch at home!  In the end he doesn’t really repair the watches but sends them to someone who does.  He will call in a couple of days and tell me whether it can be repaired and what it will cost.  He did replace the battery in my WalMart watch.   An interesting little shop with all sorts of very old equipment.  The lady ahead of me was having some jewellery repaired and he also had some (I would guess pawned) jewellery for sale. 

All finished and back onto the bus.  Eric and Ian were waiting back at Cerritos Resort for happy hour and we were off to join them. 


We were having a cerveza at the restaurant that is on the beach front Cerritos Resort property when this guy fell out of a tree onto the sidewalk!  Big bang when he hit but it never seems to bother them much. 

So….a good day!

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