Saturday, January 27, 2018

Dinner at Ian & Linda’s ….Bazil and Brenda’s last night.

It’s Saturday night and Ian and Linda have invited us for dinner to share the evening with them and Bazil and Brenda.  Bazil and Brenda are Ian and Linda’s good friends from Kelowna and they have been staying with them for the past ten days.  Tomorrow Bazil and Brenda  head home to the snow and the cold.  Ian and Linda leave on Wednesday but they are going back to the Palm Springs area in California for February and March.  All good things must come to an end!

We started the evening at 4pm with the customary happy hour and some chat.


Linda took care of the dinner with no help from the rest of us and it’s time to dish up.  I did bring stuffed mushrooms so I did contribute a little bit!


I think Bazil is waiting for everyone to join him for dinner.  Brenda has already loaded his plate.  What a nice wife!


Does that look delicious or what!  The shrimp came from Geraldo who delivers shrimp to our RV park and they were delicious.  Sauted in garlic and bit of chicken broth.  Tasty and tender.


Ian and Linda rented a lovely condo in the Cerritos Resort.  Plenty of room for company at this table.


Brenda and Bazil.  Bazil is looking quite pink…I think he may have had a little too much sun today!


Eric and Linda.


To end the lovely evening I didn’t even have to do dishes.  Ian washed and Brenda dried. 

Good food, good company and a really nice evening.

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