Sunday, November 19, 2017

Plants, Park, Beach and a Mexican holiday weekend.



I was lying in my chair reading and Eric was tuning up his new/used bicycle that he bought when we were in the Yuma area on our way home last spring.  Look you can even see my toes!


Bye bye Eric I’m going for a walk.


Papa John’s garden.  Lovingly tended and watered.


That’s Bill chatting to Rockie.  Rockie and Nancy moved out of the middle row this year and I think Rockie misses all the people stopping by.  Now he’s sitting under a tree where he can see what’s going on.  Everyone wants to know what’s going on!


Pretty bush up front.  I don’t know what it is but….


the flowers are gorgeous and have a very subtle sweet scent.


Out the front of the park and this is where I head in the morning for my walk.  The grass sure could use some trimming.


Always a vine growing somewhere.


Looking north towards Cerritos.  This pull off in the middle of the road quite often has a vehicle having a party.


Walking towards the road to the beach.


We usually walk in the middle of the road because the palms have coconuts on them that could drop on your head!  Not to mention the garbage along the sidewalk.  A huge problem in Mexico.


Just a short walk to the ocean.


This palapa has set up at the bottom of the stairs and does a good business selling food and drinks. 


Looking north toward the Riu.


Always a colorful bird somewhere.


Looking south.


Surf fishing.


That’s Papa John coming over for a chat before he heads into the ocean to do some laps.  He swims twice a day….waves permitting.


Heading back to the park you can see the office in the distance.


Heading to the back of the park.  Pretty empty over here right now.


Beside us is this pretty tree covered in….


mamey sapota  fruit.

I tried it last year and it kind of tasted like a demerara sugar cantelope.  They apparently use it in milkshakes and ice cream.  Not something I’d eat every day.  Link above.


Behind us the fence is covered in another vine of some type. 

This is a holiday weekend (Revolution Day) and later in the day the beach was full of Mexican families enjoying a day at the beach.

If you are interested in the history of the 10 year revolution there is a link above.

So….all is well here.  The good thing about being in a warm climate for the winter is the amount of exercise that we get.  Walking, weights and bicycle riding which we couldn’t do at home unless we went to the gym twice a week.  Just not the same!

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Croft said...

We loved it when they had that little restaurant up at the RV park gate! We would be regular customers of the new one at the beach. How are their margaritas?