Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Yuma, Az to Laughlin, Nevada

We popped over to Bill and Arlie’s for happy hour yesterday afternoon and had a nice visit.  Arlie’s sister Karen and her husband Bobby from Ontario own a winter residence in the same subdivision as Bill and Arlie so they joined them all.  We had the usual discussions about health and what we did this winter to amuse ourselves.  Nice to see  everyone and we’ll drop in again next fall when we are heading south. 

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209 miles to go today.


We were up early this morning but not in a hurry so we weren’t on the road until about 9:30am.  Here we are heading down to highway 95 where we’ll head north to Laughlin.  That’s Eric’s new bicycle in the picture!


Heading towards Quartzite and the desert is green.


The ocotillo are in bloom everywhere.  Hard to get a good picture out the truck window whizzing along at 60mph! 


Even the grass is green.


A quick stop in Parker for fuel and then over the new bridge into California.


The Colorado river.


The road from Parker to Vidal Junction and north is like a slalom.  I always think it looks like that ribbon Christmas candy we used to get as kids. 


Heading absolutely due North!


Always an interesting rock formation to see.


Starting to head down into the Colorado river valley.  I didn’t think we were very high up but my ears are popping so we must be.


Down some more.


Wide open.  Lake Havasu to the east and Needles to the west. 


We come through Needles and then head north on the old Needles Highway.  It is really atrocious here….Eric says they must have sent the guy who paved this to Mexico to work as a road builder.  It is within the Fort Mojave Indian reserve so maybe it’s their fault and not California’s…who knows!


Welcome to Nevada.


Look at the highway here.  A rather abrupt change.


Heading down towards Laughlin and the Riverside RV park.


The Colorado river.


This is usually where we stay and it’s pretty quiet right now.  We can unload the bike down here.  It’s 35C so it is smoking hot.


The casino’s are all lit up at night and make a pretty view. 


Get ready for some riding Big Red!  That’s Eric’s new bicycle leaning against the 5th wheel.

It’s a cheap week.  $122 including tax and four free breakfasts….can’t beat that.

We’ll stay the week and then start to head north.

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Garth Liseth said...

The old Needles Hwy. We drove that a few years ago leaving from our friend's winter place in West Sun City through to Laughlin and on to Las Vegas. The road surface was a joke. I thought I'd made a mistake by following the GPS signal. Thank goodness it was a rental so I wasn't too concerned..... but that was a horrible ride!