Sunday, November 27, 2016

Mazatlan Marathon 2016

When I went out for my morning walk this morning there was a group of people from the park all standing at the edge of the road with coffee’s in hand.  What’s up?  Well today was the “ 18th Annual Gran Maraton Pacifico 2016”, fireworks on Saturday night and marathon on Sunday morning.  The run started somewhere downtown and then out to Cerritos area and back.  At 7am they were expecting the first runners to appear (Ethiopian) who would be 13km into the run.  I did a lame walk up the street where I did see the first runners arrive and then went back to the park to get my camera and watch.  It is slightly cooler and less humid than last week but still hot and steamy. 


Rocky and Nancy are watching from the comfort of their patio as they face the street and no one is parked in front of them.  Hal from the Blue Bus comes over to chat.  IMG_4857

The Las Jaibas cheering squad.  Some have already gone home to eat breakfast.  The street is closed to traffic until 11am.


The very first and professional runners are oblivious to the clapping but later the competitors are very appreciative of the cheering and smile and wave back.  One guy was even carrying a Pacifico bottle…laughing and waving as he passed.  A Pacifico employee…?  or just a jokester!


To be able to do this in any capacity is an amazement to me.  I walk, have never been a runner and probably would have made a good weight lifter!


The runners go north and then turn around and come back on the other side of the divided road Sabalo Cerritos.  The first runners have already turned and come back.




Large groups of local runners.  There is a huge police present to keep the road free of traffic for the competitors.


They are even watching from air. 


Back at the rig and a new bird to me.  From my bird book I see it is a Kiskadee flycatcher.  Eric says I should get binoculars, tall white socks and a floppy hat so I could be a real bird watcher….no thanks!


Sandy Matts said...

Like the bird picture - remember seeing them but was never sure what kind of bird. Thanks for posting

Anonymous said...

Love your blog! Have been following/reading for years but just recently figured out how to leave a comment. Bonnie from Stony Plain Alberta.