Sunday, October 9, 2016

Cottonwood, AZ to Phoenix, AZ and Frank & Sandi’s park.

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Today’s route,  not too far but turned out to be stressfull again. 

We were packed up and on the road about 10am as we didn’t have far to go today.  It didn’t occur to us that we would have to go up and over a mountain before we went down into Phoenix but we did.  Another 5 mile hill and the truck really didn’t like it.  It was only 20C out but the engine got quite hot so I guess it was quite steep.


Up high.


We came up five miles and now we have to go down five miles.  What the heck I thought today’s drive was going to be flat.


The Saguaro cacti started to appear and they like a little altitude. 


We were into Phoenix around noon and boy was it hot.  We’ve been using a heater and now it’s 36C.  A bit of a shock to the system. 


We are parked right behind that Saguaro cacti.  Within about an hour we were so overheated inside the 5th wheel that we had to get Jim, Frank’s park manager to wire us up a 30 amp connection so we could run our A/C. 


Once we were parked and the satellite was set up Eric and I went out for lunch with our friends for a little catch up.  We haven’t seen Frank and Sandi for almost two years and it was a really enjoyable blab!

After lunch they were off to watch one of their grand son’s baseball games and we collapsed in the rig.  The heat really takes the wind out of your sails!

So a quiet evening of beer, a ball game (The Jay’s beat Texas three straight….go Jays!) a light supper and bed. 

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