Wednesday, February 18, 2015

An Italian Ladies Lunch

Last week it was Dolce Mami for lunch and today we were off to Italiannis for pasta.  Val had suggested that we might like this restaurant and it turned out to be a good choice.  One might think that a restaurant in a mall might not be very upscale but this one certainly is.  It is located in the new Liverpool Mall on the north end of town across from the new Wal Mart.,-106.44848,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0xc22443249dff8d54



We assembled at the front of the RV park at 11:30 with a few still to arrive.  There is no bus that runs right to the mall from our area so most us piled into an auriega or red truck and the rest travelled with Ruth in her car. 

I rode up front with the driver to make sure that he didn’t go too fast and scare Connie!  She thought he was speeding but he was only going 60km an hour.  Just fine.  I told him Liverpool was for rich Mexicans and he said “ rich Americans” and I said “ and rich Canadians too!  Nice guy.


He drove us through the gates, picked up a ticket and took us right to the door of the restaurant.  Perhaps the transportation vehicles get free passes for parking for bringing customers to the mall….who knows.  IMG_2596

Connie and Sandi heading in.  Connie’s hair didn’t even get mussed up in the back of the truck….just teasing!IMG_2597

Heading inside. IMG_2598

Ruth and her entourage in the car arrive. IMG_2599

We are seated and you can see that it is very “Norte- Americano.”  No problem with that!IMG_2600

It is a large restaurant with many different areas to eat in.  We were the only customers.  Val had come to the restaurant last week and obtained a menu for us to peruse and preorder.  Works out great. IMG_2601

Not sure what Diane is saying but it looks important. IMG_2602

The efficient young waiter is taking our drink orders and aligning our food orders with them.  I will add that this is an upscale restaurant with upscale prices.  Comparatively Water’s Edge which we all liked in old town is also very posh and the lunch prices were very reasonable.  Depends what you want to eat. IMG_2603


Valerie….what would you like?IMG_2605

This has become my drink of choice on ladies lunch out….piña colada.  Tasty and easy on my stomach. IMG_2606

Another Kathy joined us today and this is her chicken with pasta.  Too much for one but her husband will have a nice left over. IMG_2607

I ordered cannelloni and it was delicious.  Pasta stuffed with cheese, spinach and a nut of some sort and served with a creamy tomato sauce.  Delicious and …..Eric will have a left over as well.IMG_2608

Sandi’s salad. IMG_2609

Ruth and Diane shared lasagna, Valerie had lasagna as well and …..Dick will have a left over. IMG_2610

Connie, Sharen and Eddie shared this large spaghetti and huge meatballs.  “Thatsa ona bigga meataball!”IMG_2611

Happily eating. IMG_2612

The manager came out to check and see if we are happy and enjoying the food…..IMG_2613

Thumbs up on this one.  Some entrees were 200 pesos or more but the portions were more than ample.  A tasty herb bread was included and it was delicious dipped in olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  Many people will return here to eat.  A good choice.

Time to head home for some and time to shop for others.


Jeannette and Sandi heading into the mall.  In the end it was a short shopping trip and we loaded ourselves into a pulmonia and headed home.  A very upscale mall and I’m sure you could find whatever you want here.  Prices …..mostly upscale.  Did I use the word upscale too much …. well how about pricey but…very nice!

Transportation in Mazatlan, Mexico

Pulmonia….holds four and the driver. 

Next week we will head to Topolo downtown for dinner… choice! 


Teresa Johannesma Wood said...

Ha! Funny Kathy - my drink of choice on the beach this year at happy hour was pina colada! The food looked fantastic and I'm not really even a fan of pasta but I'm convinced! Glad it was a nice outing with good food! Your ladies group members look fun!

Sandy Matts said...

Have really enjoyed your lunches out and they haven't been caloric for me at all! Looking forward to your review of Topolo next week. Just went back and read Dolce Mami - had missed that one.