Thursday, February 12, 2015

An afternoon at the beach.

I have had comments wondering where the beach pictures are.  We do go to the beach for a couple of hours every day and it is our favorite spot to be.  Some days we both swim, some days only Eric swims, I read and do crossword puzzles and Eric walks the beach.  Just the sound of the ocean and it is very relaxing and of course there is always people watching as well. 

The beach salesman don’t approach us much as we sit in ratty old chairs and are both now quite brown.  They also get to recognize the regular beach sitters. 

I really don’t like to take the camera to the beach as it gets covered in sticky beach air but today I made an exception and also brought a plastic bag for it. 


The parachute ride off the beach in front of Torres Resort.   We sit right close by but so far no one has landed on top of us!  They are surprisingly accurate at landing their customers.    IMG_2484

The people in the water are looking apprehensive!IMG_2485

They should be!  The swell is huge at this point and you can really get hurt if you don’t know what you’re doing. IMG_2486

A big ouch if that falls on you. IMG_2487

It has quieted down and Eric is on his way in for a dip.  He likes to body surf but….not today. IMG_2488

Once he gets past the break he’ll be fine.  We did a lot of swimming in Maui in years past where the waves can  be really huge.  You must never turn your back on a wave and never get caught in the break….or something will get broken.  Dive under the wave.  I am always careful to wait until the waves quiet down before I make my way into the water.  I am too old to get hurt!



Not many people on the beach.  I didn’t go in the water today as I had the camera with me.  The water has been warm this winter.  Just lovely!IMG_2491

Just another lovely day in Mazatlan.  IMG_2492

The parachute operators are always the same guys and when business is slow they’ll go in for a little surfing or a swim.  IMG_2494

This is me.  I wear my dopey ladies Panama hat to keep the sun off my head!  IMG_2495

Happy Eric on the beach. IMG_2496

This is Eric holding his head up so he won’t have any extra chins!  I’ve decided we should all hang upside down at night like the bats and then maybe everything that’s sagging would go back where it belongs!  Not likely but it’s a nice idea.

Another nice day at the beach!


Norman-Susan Gorniak said...

Thanks Kathy for awesome pics. Picture of Eric seems to say, "Ah, beautiful sun, beach, LIFE IS GOOD" Wish I was in your scandals!!!

Croft Randle said...

Great shots of a great day at the beach! You guys look like you are having fun.