Monday, January 5, 2015

This and that.

There was no Bocce yesterday, but today there was….more on that tomorrow.


The new springs.  IMG_1921

The passenger side of the rig ready for it’s new 5 leaf spring.  Both sides must match and Eric has already replaced the broken side.  We now have lots of springs with us in case we break one on the way home. 


This pretty bird was eating bugs in the tree out front of the rig.  Some sort of an Oriole I think.IMG_1955

I took a walk on the beach this afternoon and….I brought my camera .  Cloudy and stormy looking but not much wind and quite warm.



The birds were on the beach today.  Terns I think.  I like the birds but don’t know much about them.


The Riu Emerald Bay rises up on it’s own….a huge hotel.  We have relatives coming to stay there in about 3 weeks.   IMG_1959

At Playa Bruja there were a few guys surfing and boogie boarding IMG_1960

It was quieter on the beach today but still lots of Mexican holidayers at the Riu.  Tomorrow is….

January 6: Dia de Los Santos Reyes is the day when Mexicans exchange Christmas presents in accordance with the arrival of the three gift-bearing wisemen to Jesus Christ. This day culminates the Christmastime festivities.  IMG_1961

This surfer was getting some rides.



The Riu looks deserted but there were lots of people out front. IMG_1965

The surf has kicked up lots of shells and uncovered sandstone in some areas.  I love the formations.

Just a regular day.


Teresa Johannesma Wood said...

Good beach pics Kathy! You brought your camera cuz you didn't go swimming - right? Very cloudy - we had some cloud today too. Are you going to take photos of the inside of that fancy hotel? Love the orange bird - nice that you got so close.

Contessa said...

There are a few varieties of orioles here. Get a juice orange and cut it in half and find a place to put a few screws into a piece of wood/driftwood. Either hang it somewhere or bury an end in the ground and then place the curved side of the orange on the extended screw and soon yo will have feeding orioles. they love the oranges. I will post a photo soon.

Norman-Susan Gorniak said...

Thanks for posting your pics today. We are from freezing cold Alberta. We stayed at the Riu for two weeks in December this year and last year also. Loved it. Makes me wish I was still there!!!!

Kathy Tycho said...

Had a few showers over night but it is very warm and humid. If I can visit in the Riu, I will. When we visited friends at the Riu in Nuevo Puerto Vallarta it cost our friend almost $100 for us to visit for 3 hours! Crazy and we wouldn't have gone if we'd know. I guess they are afraid you are going to eat and drink there.

Kathy Tycho said...

I am a "non wildlife of any kind" feeder. Here in the park people put out fruit but it draws the wild cats and then you have a cat feeder. They can climb right up the chain link!

Kathy Tycho said...

We have never stayed in an all inclusive. For a short vacation it would be really nice to be spoiled and not have to cook!