Monday, January 12, 2015

El Shrimp Bucket for lunch….Thumbs Up!

Today we left the park at noon on the bus to head down to El Shrimp Bucket at Olas Altas for our ladies lunch out.  We took the green bus to the market in Centro and got off there.  If you wanted to get a bus right to Olas Altas you would have to go all the way to the end of the line at the Ferry dock and then return to Olas Altas…..we walked. 


We cut through the market….through the church square and then through the Plazauela Mechado where there are more than a few pigeons.  IMG_2123

They were flying in the air as we walked through…..kind of like the old “Mary Tyler Moore” show but we didn’t have any hats to throw in the air!IMG_2124

Over to Angel Flores street and a right turn to the Malecon and lunch.   IMG_2125

Narrow streets. IMG_2126

On the right you can see the walkway for the houses that end up high above us as we head down to the Malecon. IMG_2127

Left turn on the Malecon to El Shrimp Bucket. IMG_2128

A few of the ladies were already there waiting and we ended up with eleven of us for lunch. Boy was the staff ever happy to have that many customers.  We are seated outside and we could  see the water across the street.  IMG_2129

Drinks first and then…..IMG_2130

Lunch.  I ordered a shrimp Molcajete.  The Molcajete refers to the pot the food is cooked in and not the actual name of the dish.  It was piping hot as they heat the Molcajete on a grill.  The food inside was also very hot…..physically and spice wise. IMG_2131

The food started to show up and some people had the “El Shrimp Bucket” full of …..shrimp!IMG_2132

The waiters were very attentive and the food was good.  The fellow on the right was a bit of a comedian.IMG_2133

Fish tacos for Anita and….. IMG_2134

Shrimp tacos for Connie. IMG_2135

Everyone enjoyed their food.


Jeannette has a look at Anita’s lunch.



I enjoyed my lunch but if it had been just a little less spicy it would have been easier to taste the food.  Way too spicy for a lot of “gringos!” IMG_2139

In the end the consensus was…..Thumbs Up!  A place where we would return to eat.  There was a little confusion with the bills at the end but it was easily sorted out. IMG_2140

Some people caught the bus home, some drove and some of us walked back up to the market area to shop or do chores.

I had hoped to drop my other camera off for cleaning and repairs but the camera shop was either not open (with it’s metal blind pulled down) or moved. I will get Felipe (park owner) to call and check. 

A good lunch….stay tuned for next week!


Teresa Johannesma Wood said...

Super jealous - the food looked great. Too bad it was too spicy though Kathy - I've had that before also. Love the picture of the coloured buildings - I have the same one from that street. We enjoyed downtown Mazatlan when we were there….

Croft Randle said...

Great restaurant! We had several good meals there.

Contessa said...

Glad you enjoyed your lunch. We haven't had great meals there but love the one just next to it, El Fish Market which is much nicer than the one in the Golden Zone.

Sorry to hear that you 'new' camera needs to be cleaned and repaired.