Thursday, November 20, 2014

More new tires for the rig.

If you are tired of hearing us talk about tires I can assure you….we are tired of talking about them.  However, no tires, no travel!  Eric has been fretting over the fact that we still had two Carlisle “special” trailer tires on the rig.  After our continued problems with separation of 14 tires and finally a tire that separated and took off the side of the rig going home last year he is done with trailer tires.  Off with the rims and up to Wal Mart for two more E rated LT truck tires and we think we are now safe.  Will they wear oddly…probably… will they separate…doubtful.  Everywhere Eric has looked people have the spare tire on their rigs and the rigs are damaged.


New light truck tire going on the rig. IMG_1364

The Carlisle tires will come with us as spares.  Look okay….but Eric doesn’t trust them.  The one that separated and damaged the rig didn’t show any signs of separation.  All rotated properly and properly inflated at all times.  IMG_1365

Just about done on this side. IMG_1366

New tire waiting to go on. 

Hopefully we can quit worrying about tires for awhile.  The new tires will show us if the alignment we had done in Vegas helped at all.  Time will tell. 


Contessa said...

Best if luck with these new tires. We are having the RV tires redone in the Lake Havasu area at Loves and will be upgrading to truck tires. Trying to be as safe as we can.

Teresa Johannesma Wood said...

Fingers crossed for you guys on that - you the tires us our fuel pump! Sheesh!