Monday, March 10, 2014

Info on leaving Mexico through Lukeville and…..we got our stuff!


Frank and Sandi left last week and sent an email about Pitaquito which is (just south of Caborca) where you turn in your vehicle stickers before you leave Mexico if you are leaving through the Lukeville crossing.  Last year it was the first time that we had to stop there and it was all mass confusion as far as access from the south so here is what Frank said….. 

“They took all the guess work out of Pitaquito and put in concrete barriers so your only option is to make a sharp left into the first lot. Park and go inside and they will come out and remove your sticker. You then make a sharp u-turn and go out the way you came in. Much less confusion. The guy that took our sticker off said that next year we will be able to go straight through. Finally someone's thinking.”


I asked Frank about turning in tourist visa’s and they are still being returned at San Emeterio (km 23 south of the US border crossing at Lukeville) as usual. 

Good news.

We got our stuff!  As you may remember we left clothes hanging in the closet when we left Don Pepe’s in Rincon a week ago.  Ian (Eric’s brother) checked with Alex who manages Don Pepe and he said Mail Pac in La Penita was a good way to send them.  So….they were sent by Mail Pac last Thursday and were delivered today, Monday in four days to Mazatlan.  Very efficient and within the 3 to 5 day time frame.  Bueno!   Thanks Ian and Linda for your trouble. 

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