Sunday, February 9, 2014

Las Jaibas Chili Cook-Off 2014 for the Hogar De Los Nino’s La Mision Orphanage

This the longest blog in his-to-ree….finishing it all will be the death of me!!!!

Really bad poetry but I hope you’ll persevere….I tried to get it all in and the end is near!!!


The tables were all set by the road with great care…in hopes that the Chili tasters soon would be there.




Sandi & Kathy

P1020555 Jeannette


This is Manny the electrical cord guy….without him we couldn’t get by.

Power for all of of our pots…no problem at all in the end we had lots.


Blake helped Manny with his clipboard and pen…figuring out what had to be where and then also when..


The tables were set out by our resident crew….Dennis, Fred, Ron, Rocky and Eric too.

Eric put the flags on the fence a day ahead …you can’t be too early is just what he said.

P1020496 Frank was all ready with hints and direction….no fuss or bother and complete perfection. 


Helene & Laurie would soon be selling tickets at the gate…Hurry up girls you don’t want to be late.


Connie/ Betty- with Helen and Laurie / Al…..were stationed at the gate to take money from all.


The day was hot and incredibly sunny….ticket takers were in need a a great big umbrelly.

450 packets with a ballot a spoon, a napkin and cup ….were ready to go and already made up.     Thanks Betty!!!

They soon came in droves with a buzz and a clatter….ready to taste and there was quite a huge chatter.


50 pesos for a ticket to taste almost 20 different chilies….who can remember what they tasted it all seems quite silly.

It’s only 12 now so you’ll have to wait a short while…then at 1pm you can eat chili, there is a huge pile!


The chili is hot and the cookers are ready…it will happen soon so keep your spoons steady.

Please amuse yourselves with water, pop and some beer….the time to start tasting is now drawing near.

Time to get going we were off to the races…It wasn’t too long till everyone had chili on their faces.


This is the venue and it looks quite deserted…except over by the chili where everyone was diverted.


They tasted and they tasted and tasted some more….picking the winner was going to be a huge chore.


Ishmael and Brianna.



P1020719 P1020704 P1020710 P1020711

Please look for the sign to see where to cast your ballot….taste them all and see what tickles your palate.



They were voting in droves it only took a minute…soon we would know who really would win it.

Early in the day before chili was being tasted…. the rest of the staff’s time was not being wasted.

Our two John’s along with Dick…set up the beer sales and they were really quite quick.

The day started early and they were all on the ball….ready to set up for fun one and all.




This is Dennis, Frank’s right hand man…if a job needed doing he was right on hand.

P1050103 This is Ron also know as Jack….if Frank needed help he had his back.








Bill, Dick, Al and Dennis lugged the heavy cargo….it was really lucky there wasn’t far to go.


Dick & John K.


Big John and Dick, the servers of brew…John K. helped and with the tequila too.

Tequila for sale and we had quite a lot…you could buy one or two if you wanted a shot.



Bill and John K.were the servers of tequila…drink too many and the headache will killya! 

There are tickets to buy for quite a few things…50/50 draw, raffle tickets and who knows you might win.

Richard and Carol run the 50/50 and they are selling a ton… so pay for your ticket there is money to be won.


Carol and Richard did a great job selling….Carol badgered and hawked and it was all quite compelling.


In the end the draw turned out to be really huge….12,000 pesos now how could you lose. 


Rita gets half as she is the winner….that will buy more than a chicken dinner.


Rita bought the ticket and she wins with glee…oh drat everyone said I hoped it would be me.

Marion with Bev and Val B. run the raffle and it is really a winner…from everything you can imagine even a gift certificate for dinner.


The prizes were carried to be set up on the tables…good thing we have so many men who are so able. 

Dennis and Bill.


Bev and Val B. manned the table….selling the raffle tickets with Marion and they all were quite able.


Each prize has a jar to put your ticket in…that way you can pick what you’d really like to win.


Art work of iguanas and birds ….they’ll soon be buying tickets in great big herds. 


Look at the list of prizes to be won….selling tickets to win them soon would be done. 


Marion/Bev and Val B., manning the table….they organized it all and were really quite able.


Marion looks great in her beautiful hat….no one can argue at all about that.


The prizes were drawn and Marion called out….come and get yours if you are still about.


Laurie with Blake sold T-shirts and hats… a memento a souvenir …you just can’t beat that.

P1020754  The Las Cougars (gals) and Los Coyotes (guys) from Mar Villa RV park….John K. asked them and they played until dark.

A huge donation from a really fine band…we appreciate it greatly let’s give them a hand.



Later in the day the toes would be tapping….the bums were wiggling and the fingers were snapping.

Back to the chili contest and we don’t who’s won yet….who will it be is anyone’s bet.

The tasters were allowed to cast only one vote….who would they pick, maybe me I did hope. 


The crowd was huge and the chili was going fast…I hoped that I had made enough to last. 


By 2pm the crowd was getting full…lots of cooks were looking at an empty bowl. 



P1020835 A few bites were left in just a few pots….I had some left but there sure wasn’t lots.


Now it was time to tally the votes….Nancy and Rocky counted and we knew it would be close.

Frank introduced all of the cooks from Canada and the USA…now you could see who might win on this very special day.


P1050755 We all held our numbers and hoped that we’d win….we could hardly wait till the votes were all in.





Third place was given to Al and Ken…lots of hard work so good job men.


Second place now to Phil and Mike….lots of people their chili did like.

You can imagine the look of surprise that was on my face….when Frank announced that I’d won first place!!! 



I looked at the apron it could hardly be… P1050765who could believe it …it really was me!












That was number that I was given….in the end it turned out to be a real premonition. 

The recipe was good, everyone liked it…who knew that in the end I really would win it.


Hal took the photos and passed them to me….without them all this blog would not be.


The money was counted by Marilyn and Sandi…their accounting skills are good which is really quite handy.

The total was in and it was a huge tally of pesos….we’ll pay power, water, propane, medicine and food for which the orphanage is grateful.


This is Connie who started the Chili Cook off 5 years ago….who knew now big it all would grow.

P1020911 P1020599










Frank and Sandi.

Thanks to Frank for all his hard work and planning….he took the helm from Connie and it was quite outstanding.

Thanks to park owner Felipe for letting us take over for a day…he gave us free rein and let it all happen our way.

End of the silly rhyming…..

Thanks to everyone who helped, cooked, and set up etc. etc. etc.  Frank you did a stellar job and it all went smooth as silk. 

If I’ve left anyone out give yourself a pat on the back.  It is a hugely worthwhile cause and we’ll see you all next year…..2015!


Contessa said...


Also a huge hand to your entire park. Well done!

Croft Randle said...

Great post and what a great fund raiser, but the BIG question!

How much did you raise?????

I remember years ago when the kids came into the park to sing at Christmas and we collected a few thousand pesos for them. You have brought this a long way!

Kathy Tycho said...

Well was a lot. See today's post to see what we were able to pay for. As we don't want to put the orphanage in jeopardy for theft we have chosen not to publish what was raised. The children who came to sing in the park when you were here were from the Salvation Army and not from the Hogar de Los Ninos.