Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A ride to El Quelite

The weather over the past few days has been nice.  The icy wind has died down and we have been to the beach the last couple of days.  I haven’t been feeling well since last Thursday but today I am almost back to normal….whatever that is!  There has been some sort of a flu/cold in the park but I was lucky enough not to get a bad dose.  I didn’t walk the last few days but today I was out early this morning and it felt good.

Today it was time to get out on Big Red and go for a ride.  We weren’t up for a marathon ride but decided a nice lunch at our favorite restaurant would be a nice start.  We left the park around 11:30 am and it was a beautiful ride.  It is much greener this year in Mazatlan and the countryside is very pretty.  The pink blooming trees ( I think from looking on the internet they are Amapa trees) are in full bloom. P1050167

Very pretty but hard to get a good picture whizzing along on the bike. 


Not much traffic today which was a treat as we are usually being passed on a regular basis.  Mexicans hate to be behind anyone on the highway. 


Ullama statue at the entrance to town.


Main street….pretty quiet today.


We like to eat at Los Arrieros a very relaxing restaurant at the far end of town. 


We sit outside and watch the local people as they pass by.


Looking inside.  A very elegant and restful place to eat. 


Chips, salsas, fresh cheese and a gordita each (complimentary.)


We had a breakfast lunch, chilaquilas, shrimp, omelet, beans and tortillas.  Delicious.


While we were sitting having lunch I spied a family with children walking by who were fascinated by Big Red.  They took turns posing by it and when I got up to take their picture they all started laughing.  Funny!


A future biker?

There was a Mexican man (very handsome!) sitting a few tables away and he asked if it was our bike.  “Very nice” he said.  Turns out he spoke English and had been to Vancouver and knew the geography of B.C. We said we were from just south of the Alaska panhandle and he shivered. We commented on how nice it was here and he said “Yes, but not in the summer….too hot and humid….not comfortable at all!”   We have the best of both worlds. 


A cactus field on our way out of town.  These are the edible cultivated Cactus.


That’s Las Jaibas from the other side of the street as we were passing by.

We decided to ride up to the new Wal Mart and see if we could find a TV connection that Eric was looking for.  They didn’t have it.  So we bought beer (Pacifico Light for me) and Corona for Eric as they didn’t have Pacifico Clara which is his beer of choice.  Odd how they have the Pacifico light at many places but not the regular Pacifico.  Maybe they make more money on the light….who knows!

So home for happy hour and a light supper.  A really nice day.

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