Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A cold day in Boise.

Tuesday Nov. 5, 2013

Happy birthday brother/brother-in-law Ian.  Ian and wife Linda are on vacation in New Zealand/Australia …a good place to spend a birthday.  Ian and I are the same age…next year old age pensioners and if you have to get old at least we’ll get more money. 

Eric and I  had a nice dinner last night and watched a little over the air TV.   Eric finally coaxed the TV to work and we watched old sit-coms.  I sure didn’t remember Gilligan’s Island being that dopey!  Everything is in high-def and the picture is way better than the satellite.  Eric has emailed the company who sell the Jensen TV’s and they are going to send us the software fix to Yuma and maybe our TV will work properly.  We aren’t holding our breath! 

I was off to Win-Co this morning for my annual grocery shop and am now all stocked up with butter, cheese, pork and beef.  Now if I can just get the meat over the border into Mexico.  Last year for the first time at the Lukeville crossing the RV fridge was checked.  I was told I couldn’t take beef which I had been alerted to by Peter and Terri (I’d hidden it) and thought that pork and chicken were okay.  It was okay but it had to be in it’s original packaging.  Peter and Terri also had their Halibut confiscated which is not even on the “do not bring list.”  To my knowledge no one has had an issue at Nogales.  It will take a big bag to hide what I bought today.  We buy chicken in Mexico and some pork and beef when we run out.  If anyone reading this has any info about the Lukeville crossing this year, let me know. 

So tomorrow we are off to Jackpot I think and then on to Ash Springs on Thursday. 

Late evening and it has warmed up and it’s raining….time for bed.

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