Thursday, January 17, 2013

Lunch in Concordia

Thursday Jan. 17, 2013

Every year that we come to Mazatlan there is always time for a road trip and lunch in Concordia.  So….late Thursday morning Eric & I on Big Red and Frank/Sandi along with Dennis & Marilyn in the jeep hit the road.

Map picture

After winding our way out of Mazatlan south we took the first portion of the new toll road from Villa Union to Mesilias and then west to Concordia.  This new toll road will eventually go all the way to Durango when it is finished.  It is a huge project with massive bridges and tunnels that will open up the truck and traffic route to Mazatlan by providing a safe road for travel.  The road that is used now from Copala to Durango is called the Devil’s Spine and for very good reason.  Not a road for the faint of heart !   So….The old road (free road) from north of Copala to Villa Union will be much quieter when the truck traffic is rerouted onto the toll road.  Next year when the new toll road is open we will take a trip to see the massive bridge that everyone is talking about. 


Concordia fruit and vegetable store.  Neat, clean and pretty like most of Concordia.


Dennis, Frank and Eric.


Sandi and Marilyn ….two wild and crazy gals out on the town!


The huge church in the town square.


Beautiful painted door in the church.


There was some huge event being set up in the town square.  Speakers, bleachers and a stage….who knows for what!


We took a tour through the town …mall where they have their government offices, police station, library and quite a lot of historical information on the walls. 

P1030458 P1030459

I wonder if these flowers have anything to do with the big event being set up in the square or….did someone just die.



Waiting outside the mall….where is Marilyn?


We have eaten at a small restaurant just outside the mall and the food was very good.  Today, however  we decided to go back to La Graneria a couple of streets over.  We have eaten is this very attractive and popular restaurant in past years and have always enjoyed a very tasty and reasonably priced lunch…today was no exception.

The special included soup of the day, two toasted tortillas (filled with chicken) beans and salad.  Cost 55 pesos or about $4.40….a bargain.  


Wall in the restaurant. 


I peeked in and took a picture of the kitchen.


A huge courtyard behind the restaurant where large gatherings could meet.


Front street outside the restaurant.


It was very warm in Concordia….probably 90F.  This little guy was behind a house door on the street and was really objecting to us being on “his street” so …..I took his picture.  The Mexicans are a cold people so this little fellow was wearing a jacket. 

A quick walk back to the square where we were parked and then home.  We took the free road from Concordia back to Villa Union and already it is much quieter.  The trucks must already be using the new stretch of toll road that we came in on.  A much quieter drive. 



All over Mazatlan these murals are being painted on walls, fences etc.  These were new ones on our way back into downtown on a side street in Mazatlan.  Much prettier than graffiti!

A good day!

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