Monday, December 3, 2012

Yuma via Quartzite.

Monday Dec. 3, 2012

We left the Riverside RV park in Laughlin,



Nevada on Friday morning enroute to Quartzite and a short bout of dry camping.  An easy drive up the Needles Highway, onto I40 and then once again south on 95 to Vidal Junction, over the bridge to Parker and south to the BLM land next to the Bouse/Quartzite Highway.  We like to go that way because we miss all the traffic lights through Bullhead City and Lake Havasu. We don’t mind a day or two of boon docking here and there but have lost our interest in any long term stays! 


We had a nice quiet Friday evening and then made a run into Quartzite on Saturday afternoon to see what kind of crap they had to offer!  Not too much going on and most places weren’t open yet.  Quartzite is a big deal in January and February when the gem shows are running but right now…not so much.  I picked up the local Quartzite newspaper and it’s quite the little “Peyton Place” ….7 police officers file complaints about the police chief and ….are fired….the police chief is having a affair with another officer…. everyone running the town is is being fired….etc. etc.  and someone writing in the paper says the people running the town are just one step above the carnie workers.   They also had a little issue when the woman who was supposed to proof read the publication which advertises the Gem shows in January/February ….she said she did but turns out she didn’t and all the wrong dates where in it.  Yikes!

So…onto Yuma on Sunday morning and back to the Arizona Sands RV park.  Picked a good spot….hooked up and now we are just like the rest of the geezers here….shopping….happy houring….and watching TV….what a life!

Today we did a little shopping for new outside RV folding chairs and found a couple of decent ones at Wal-Mart.  The sun and sea air in Mexico really do a number on them and they don’t last very long no matter what kind of ones you buy.  Good enough!

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