Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Santa Ana to Playa de Cortez in Guaymas (Miramar)

Wednesday Dec. 19, 2012

We left Santa Ana yesterday morning at about 10 to 9 on our way south.  A quick goodbye and hug for Edgar and Anna and a promise to see them on our way north in the spring.  Edgar asked Eric to make sure and take care of his motorcycle this winter (Big Red) but he also said that he really likes Blue better because she is much prettier.  Too bad Edgar’s life was ruined by a motorcycle accident when he was young.

The drive from Santa Ana to Hermisillo was slow due to the fact they are rebuilding the entire south lane so the lanes are really narrow and there are many areas where there are huge drop offs.   They are raising the height of the road in many areas and there are many, many new bridges being built. 




Road building 101.

All the material you see at the edge of the road is dirt, actually lots of it is really nice topsoil that they should put in the meridian and plant trees in.  When you use it for a road bed and then pile gravel on it the whole thing eventually collapses.  I guess that is why they are constantly rebuilding and repaving the main highways. 

There were constant detours from the south bound lane over to join the north bound lane as we headed south.  A very tiring drive for Eric as you must pay very careful attention to the road. 

The travel through Hermisillo was a bit better at the north end as they have repaved the area of the road from the first turn left to Guaymas and the area where you join the northbound traffic on the periferico.  In years past it was deeply rutted with many, many topes.  This year it was smooth and level with only a couple of big topes.

We had been warned about getting in the right lane after the prison so that we could make the left turn to Guaymas at the south end of Hermisillo.  It would have made more sense to us if we had know the reason for this information.  What actually happens is that you are leaving the main highway and travelling down under a large overpass where you make your left turn to Guaymas.  This is the same corner that we turned at before it’s just that it has a huge north, south overpass over it now.  It was had to fathom why we had to be in the right lane to turn left until we actually got there.  Luckily the traffic through Hermisillo was very light yesterday so there were no issues. 

The rest of the drive to the Hotel Playa de Cortez RV park in Guaymas (Miramar) was quiet and uneventful and we were parked and set up by 2:30pm.  Okay we did have one little issue.  As we came to the turn where we would go to San Carlos or Guyamas Eric continued to San Carlos.  I said “ Uh, aren’t we going to Guyamas and Eric looked at me like I was crazy!” He said “ Why would we be going to Guaymas?”  Call me crazy but I thought that was where the Playa de Cortez was!  Just a slight brain fart on Eric’s part, a quick turn around down the road and back to “Guaymas!”  Yikes!  One sweet ride. 

For those of you who haven’t stayed at this RV park the only confusing thing is making sure that you turn right for Miramar at the bottom of the overpass going into town.  There is a sign about a block before the turn saying turn right for Miramar but when you actually get to the turn there is no sign.  You could easily miss it if you didn’t know where it is and then you are going downtown which would not be good.   

We do love the peace and quiet of this park although we did have a little electronic music playing last night for awhile.  Still nothing like the racket at Totonaka. 

We will stay here for a couple of days and then head south at the end of the week.  The weather is warm although it has clouded over a bit. 

We’ll go into San Carlos today and pick up a few things and Eric will browse the sailboats. 

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