Thursday, December 20, 2012

A couple of quiet days in Playa de Cortez.

Thursday Dec. 20, 2012

We drove into San Carlos late yesterday morning for a little shopping and a look at the Marina San Carlos and  then lunch.

We drove to San Carlos along the ocean route through Miramar  which is quiet and scenic. 

A first quick stop at Ruth & Rudy’s European Bakery as we entered town for a good loaf of multi grain bread and a couple of blueberry tarts. 

As we drove by the Totonaka RV park it was easy to see it is not very full.  I stopped at Tony’s vegetable market just past the RV park for a few veggies and fruit and and I was the only customer in it.  Unusual

It seems that every year we come here there are less and less people. As we drove into town we also noticed that there are not many gringos around.  Very, very quiet. 

A quick stop at the Banemex Bank for money but that didn’t work out all that well.  They have installed chip verifiers and the cajero automatico did not like mine.  A lady next to us said to try Ley’s or the Marina Terra so off to the Marina Terra Lobby where we had no problem getting money.  It too verified the chip but liked it just fine. 

A walk around the boat docks and lunch at the Marina Yacht Club restaurant.  Good Taco salad.


The San Carlos docks.



A very expensive, new sailboat.

After lunch we headed over to the Marina Seca which is the Marina San Carlos’ dry dock  across the road where we attempted to have a look at sailboats that are on the hard.  The last couple of times we have been here that has not been a problem but this time we couldn’t get in without having a name of an actual boat that we wanted to see.  A bust.

We then stopped for fuel and Eric asked the Pemex attendant “ No muchos personas?” and he said “ No money!”  He didn’t have much English and Eric not much Spanish but he knew what Eric meant. 

A quick stop for me at the Sagittaria which sells a huge amount of glass ware, pottery, clothes etc. etc.   A nice store but pricey.   I have been buying daughter Erika specific glass ware here every year and this is the only place they sell the ones that I want so I always stop there.  Again quiet in the store and no one around.  This store is usually very busy but maybe it’s because it’s so close to Christmas.  Maybe not.

Today we had a quiet morning and then off to the Wal Mart for few groceries to stock up before we hit the road tomorrow.  Since it will be a couple of days before Christmas when we arrive in Mazatlan I wanted to be make sure I had everything I needed and not have to go shopping right when we get there. 


That’s our rig in the middle looking up from the hotel.



Playa de Cortez Hotel.

So….on the road tomorrow.  Tomorrow night Los Mochis and then Mazatlan and Las Jaibas on Saturday afternoon. 

The weather here has cooled right off with clouds and breeze so hopefully Mazatlan will be a tad warmer. 

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