Thursday, November 15, 2012

The bike tire arrived in 48hours.

Thursday November 15, 2012

Eric ordered a back tire for Big Red on Monday morning from Jake Wilson and they said it would be delivered to our site in the park on Wednesday and at 10am it was here.  Pretty amazing…no shipping cost and no tax. 

Eric has unloaded the bike and taken the back wheel off and now it’s off to the shop to get the new tire put on.  I think I’ll go shopping instead!

When I got back from a very successful shopping trip….sometimes things just go as planned Eric had the tire on and Big Red was ready to hit the road again.  Bueno! 

Now that this order arrived so quickly with no problems Eric has decided to get a set of brake pads and a new battery as well.  Although the brake pads don’t need replacing yet they will be ready when they are needed.  As for the battery he has always been suspicious that it was not quite right and we certainly don’t need a dead battery in Mexico or any where else for that matter!  Like the Boy Scouts say… prepared.  Again….no tax and no shipping and the order will be delivered to the park on Monday or Tuesday. 

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