Friday, April 27, 2012

We are in Kelowna

Friday, April 27, 2012

We arrived in Kelowna around 2:30 pm yesterday after a horribly rainy drive.  Our sightseeing drive from Soap Lake through the Grand Coulee Dam on highway 155 to Omak, Washington on our way back to Canada was a wash out!  The weather reports that we read said low rainfall but it was a torrential downpour over the summit area from Grand Coulee and down to Omak.  From Omak to Oroville south of Osoyoos where we cross the border it was again torrential.  Windshield wipers on high.  We’ll have to try the scenic route again in good weather.








These are the pictures of our scenic trip over the Hoover Dam.  Can you see anything through the raindrops?

We crossed the border with no problems.  I declared the minimal amount of goods I’d bought, some beer and a couple bottles of wine and we were on our way with no questions about vegetables or fruit or anything else and that was it.  They didn’t even want to know where we’d come from, where we’d spent our winter or anything except when we’d left Canada.  I guess big brother is watching and they know all of that anyway.  Didn’t even scan our passports. Easy!

We were set up in Ian and Linda’s driveway by 3:30 pm and all was well.   We had a good catching up chat with them, a few beers, dinner and we were in bed by 9:30 pm.  It was a rough drive and we were both tired. 

Today I spent a little time with Linda doing some shopping and visiting her mother Ena. 

Ena is soon to be 93 and will be going to a care facility where will have her own studio apartment but will have meals provided in the dining room.  This is the first level of care and is like the one that Eric’s mother Doris has just moved on from.  Doris is now in long term care in Coquitlam and we will go to see her on Monday.  Doris’ memory is gone and she may or may not remember us.  The good thing is that she is physically well and happy where she is.  There are people all around all the time and she is not sitting in her apartment by herself.  Eric’s family had a rough time looking after her until she was able to find a facility that had room for her.  A big relief for the family. 

  So at the end of the day a nice happy hour in the sunshine in Ian and Linda’s back yard with a beer. 


Ian and Eric.


Linda…..say what?

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