Friday, April 13, 2012

Storm coming in …won’t move today.

Friday April 13, 2012

We had planned to move up to Laughlin today but yesterdays weather report had a wind warning for this afternoon and tonight.  At the present time it is breezy and sunny.  We pay attention to these warnings but I’m starting to think that like their news reports they like to make their weather reports a huge overblown deal as well.   We will leave tomorrow.

Yesterday started icy cold (about 12C in the rig) and we actually dug out the electric heater.  Hard to adapt when two days ago we were running the air conditioner and it was too hot to sit outside.  That’s spring in the desert.

Eric replaced the vent over the loft bed and also the one in the garage.  They looked fine but when I pressed on them they just started to crumble and we could easily have had an undetected leak on the way home.  Good to have that done. 


We did a little shopping for food and tried to find a new horn for Big Red as the after market air horn that is on it has quit. A screw in it has come loose and is rattling around inside and keeps shorting it out.  Too bad the previous owner didn’t just leave the original horn on it.   We drove to Bobby’s Territorial Harley here in Yuma but they didn’t have a stock one and the after market ones are being redesigned because they have had problems.  Maybe he’ll just have to have a bicycle bell!  Eric took a short ride in the afternoon and then we went over to Bill/Arlie’s for a visit.  It was warm enough to sit outside and we were joined by Arlie’s sister Karen and her husband Bobby who have a place just down the street.  Karen and Bobby are heading home to Ontario today and Bill and Arlie fly out on Monday on their way home to Terrace.  We all had a nice visit, good Pizza and we even got a beer care package to take home.  You can’t leave beer for six months in this heat.  Even some canned goods (like fruit with a pop top) will explode inside the cupboards in the house.  Just like at home in the winter in reverse. 

So today will be a quiet day and tomorrow we will move. 

Took a ride up to Senator’s Wash…Long term boon docking camping at the Imperial Dam where we have stayed a few times.  Not too many there now.  On to have a date shake and pick up a few more pounds of dates to munch on as we travel home.  We ate all the ones we bought on the way down in short order.   Yummy!  Not much stock left now as the new season isn’t until Sept/Oct.


Date palms.

Most of the fields here are planted to Barley right now so maybe that is the crop they rotate the winter vegetables with.  We also saw a small field of artichokes growing which I’ve never seen before.  My camera was in the saddlebag so I didn’t get a picture….sorry!  It was windy and cool when we headed out but now although there is a bit a cloud it is quite warm.  Go figure. 

P.S.  - I snapped this picture of one of the guys in the park walking his dog….isn’t he something else.  His wife looks quite normal.  I guess they don’t have mirrors here in Yuma. 



PM….well the wind actually did kick up.  Huge wind and lots of dust hopefully it settles down by the morning. 

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