Saturday, April 7, 2012

Still in Why

Saturday April 7, 2012

Thursday was our 44th anniversary and we celebrated with a ride to Buckeye.  How special is that.

Map picture

It was hot, windy and the country is nothing pretty to look at so….not the best ride ever.  However Buckeye is actually a pretty little town and we found this Mexican restaurant for lunch.



We are missing Mexico and our stops at a roadside taco stand for lunch!  Lunch was good but we have to remember we are back in the US of A where the portions are huge.  We both had a $6 lunch and neither one of us could finish it.  I also discovered that the tortillas that I hate….the smell…and the taste must be the corn tortillas.  I was asked what kind of tortilla we wanted with Eric’s lunch (flour) but not what kind with my fish tacos.  His tortilla was good and mine….not!  In Los de Marcos they were the same tortillas as I had with my lunch and the smell just nauseates me.  Not so bueno!


Downtown Buckeye.


Nice old building.


Wide open desolate highway.  I took this picture over my head behind me so I had to turn it right side up.  That’s my helmet!


Home for veggies and crackers and cheese for dinner….still full!

Yesterday was a day to clean up and get the laundry done for me.  Eric took a ride out the highway towards Tucson after lunch and that was about it for the day.  Windy and warm.  Had a little chat with an American in the park yesterday morning and he like most US citizens (and Canadians as well) can’t believe we would actually go to Mexico.  He thought we Canadians were pretty brave to go there and mentioned that it was just like the Vietnam War!  Safe for the people who live there but not for us and that we are a target.  Not so much because the Mexicans are in much more danger than we are.  The media has done a good job of bad PR for Mexico. 

Today it is cloudy and cool so not sure what will be on our agenda…maybe a ride…we’ll see. 

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