Friday, March 9, 2012

We Zip to Teacapan and Marilyn, Sharen & George go Zipping !

Friday March 09, 2012

Lots of people going somewhere today.

Marilyn, Sharen and George are off to do some zip lining today.  We were getting ready for our ride to Teacapan while they were loading into a van to head off for some adventure.  I would  have joined in but I was already committed to a ride.  Next time! 


Marilyn and Sharen ready to go….where is George?P1020461


Here he is ….ready to go.  Have fun guys!


While we finished getting ready to go Manny was loading Hal and Helene’s luggage into his Bug.  They were leaving on a trip to Guadalajara and Manny was giving them a lift to their friends place.  Once again….have fun ! 

We were out of the park and on the road by 9:15 a.m. as it’s almost 100 miles each way. A long way to go for lunch but we haven’t been to see Otto at his Japonesa restaurant  this year so…today is the day.   It was cool when we left the park but we knew it would heat up once we hit the highway. 



Sam and Rita.

First stop.  Pemex station by the Mazatlan airport for gas.  Gas, a drink and on the road.

On through Villa Union and on to the free road towards Rosario.  This part of the drive was hot and the road was under construction with seal coating in progress.  We didn’t hit any loose gravel so that was a good thing.  Maybe an alternate route on the way home.  We’ll see.

P1020465  Rosario and it’s narrow bridge.  Easy on the bike but narrow for the RV. 

Onward to Esquinapa where we would turn west toward the coast and Teacapan.  The highway was great and it’s a pleasant ride.  Lots of agriculture and estuary flats between Rosario and Esquinapa. 


West side of Esquinapa heading out towards Teacapan.




Very green as we rode.  Lots and lots of agriculture with many different crops.


All those little dots in the distance are Mexican workers picking crops.


Workers in the fields.  Hard work for little pay.

We rode into Teacapan just before noon and Sam and Rita were already having a beer.  Otto’s restaurant is on the left just as you come into town and he serves good Japanese food in a garden restaurant setting.  We all ordered lunch and sat down to relax.



Momma turkey and her babies.


Daddy eats first while Momma and the babies wait….what’s up with that!


There were lots of school kids buying pop at the restaurant and then they loaded into a “Mexican Taxi” to head back to school.  You have to wear your seatbelts in the cab but ….how about the back!

While we were eating I noticed a couple out front ordering lunch (self serve to order).  It was Randy/Shirley and their dog Katie from La Parota in Los de Marcos.  They were staying at Villas Onac RV park for a few days before moving on to Mazatlan.  Nice people and you just never know who you will run into when you are out an about. 


We had a good lunch and it was time to hit the road. 


If you are ever in Teacapan stop and see Otto and his wife for lunch.  You won’t be disappointed!  Good food and a good price.  Thanks Otto….see you next year.


It was hot as we road back and  we decided to go west at Rosario and ride out to the ocean by El Tigre’s restaurant and come out at Villa Union.  This would avoid the seal coating between Rosario and Villa Union as well. 

It was nice and cool as we road and our first stop was Agua Verde west of Rosario for gas. 


Agua Verde gas station and a Chile truck.


We had been noticing chilies on the road.  Guess why….every time they hit a bump….out they come.  That’s a lot of chilies! 


Beautiful riding along the ocean.


Sam had passed this truck already and now it was our turn.  This one is full of Poblano Chiles and they are big enough to hurt you when they fly out the back. 


Chile trucks going both ways!  Too bad I couldn’t stop and pick some up.

The rest of the ride was uneventful….not hit by any Chiles and we were home by 5:00pm.  Long day, good day, good ride and tired. 

It was cloudy and cool in the park when we arrived home so it was a night for great sunsets.  They happen fast and I got a few good pictures. 

P.S.   The Zipliners had a great day as well and were having happy hour when we returned.






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