Thursday, March 8, 2012

Success with the A/C and a Goodbye Party

Thursday March 8, 2012

Yesterday was another good day.  Hot and sunny and the A/C repairman showed up almost right on time.  Bueno.


Carlos is a busy guy.  Tuesday he was in Guadalajara and yesterday he was here.   He doesn’t speak any English but it was apparent he knew exactly what he was doing.  He had no trouble running the A/C controls on the truck and had a glance to see what the problem was.  Some problem with the condenser.  He left and said he’d be back by 4pm.  A busy guy and his cell phone was ringing all the time he was here.  Carlos has done other work in the park and appears to know his stuff.  The only bad part is that he has to pad the bill because Felipe wants a cut if someone comes into the park to do work.  Frank had some motor home body work done that cost him 2000 pesos and he also paid Felipe 300 pesos so the tradesman could come into the park.  Just garbage. 

P1020458 Sam had given us Carlos’ card.

Since we weren’t sure what time Carlos would be back one of us stayed by the rig in case he returned. 

The beach is changing every day right now.  When we returned a week ago the bank had been cut to about an 8 foot drop off.  Like being on a huge sand bar.  By yesterday the bank had come down and been pushed closer to the road and we now are getting a longer flatter beach at the south end of the bay.  Beautiful to walk on and Eric even got a swim in.  Cold but refreshing!

Sandi had popped over yesterday morning to tell us that she and Frank were going to have to leave today.  Frank’s mother (93) is in the hospital and like last year when his father was in the hospital they were going to have to rush home. 

Gunther & Regina along with Ursula & Max were also leaving today.  These are the parks German friends! We have all got to know them quite well this year and the ladies played Hand & Foot with us every Thursday.  They had been away for six weeks spending a couple of weeks at Villa Corona (hot springs) and then a month in Rincon de Guayabitos.  They were in Rincon while we were in Los de Marcos.  Nice people.  Gunther and Regina live in Westbank, B.C. and Ursula and Max return to Germany for the summer and then come back for a winter in Mexico with their friends.  Nice if you can do it!


Gunther and Regina….Marion behind.

So…..Marion decided to have a good-bye appetizer & wine party (her treat) and we all got together around 4:30.  We haven’t done much of that this year in the park and I think some of that is due to the fact that Pat & Jack weren’t here and neither were Betts and Boomer.  Pat is a very generous organizer and Betts loves to cook for everyone so between the two of them there were lots of little parties.  We miss them both!  


(L to R)  Regina, Bill, Dennis, Ursula and Max.


Ursula and Max.

Just before the party started Carlos and his helper returned to work on the truck again.  Another look and this time they decided that the pressure switch on the condenser was actually the problem and they disappeared for more parts….promising to come back. 


The party was in full swing by the time they returned around 4:45 and this was just what the guys needed for entertainment.  The truck is parked on the pad next to the party.


Carlos on the left “Herb Alpert” on the right.  Eric got a buzz cut and doesn’t want to burn his melon. 


Lots of help.


Blake and Eric have a look at the switch. 


Everyone has a look. 


Recharging the system with new refrigerant. 

Started it up and cold air came screaming out of the vents.  Cost 1900 pesos including parts(Eric gave him 2000) but out of that Carlos has to give Felipe (the park owner) a cut.  Horseshit!

One more thing off the list.


Jeanette, Rita and Regina.

P1020451 P1020450

Sandi and Helene say bye!


Blake and Frank. 

Safe travels to all of you.  Hope to see you in the fall. 

We all had a nice time visiting and eating the great appetizers and the party was over by 6:30pm.  I once again brought a plate of smoke salmon (courtesy of our son-in-law Wade) and as usual it was a hit.  We are lucky Wade is so generous because it is a treat we take for granted and the people here never get.  Much appreciated.

The weather was warm and the company was great.  Nice park….nice people.  Thanks Marion…great idea! The last time we were at Marion and Fred’s….Fred treated us all to pizza.  Thanks.

So….Frank & Sandi left at 7 this morning and Gunther and his convoy left at 9. 

Today is Hand and Foot(cards) for me and Bingo tonight.  Eric hopes to get in a swim and relax after all his repairs.  Tomorrow we plan to take a ride to Teacapan which is almost 200 miles round trip.  We haven’t had lunch at Otto’s Japonesa restaurant this year and it’s time to do that. 

Busy, busy!

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